Holiday Gift Guide & Personal Wishlist: Under $50 (With One SPLURGE!)

holiday-gift-guide-2016Hello Ladies,

‘Tis time to talk about something very important…..GIFT GIFT GIFTS!!

This time of year can be oh-so stressful and thinking of gift ideas, even for someone you know VERY well, can drive you mad.  I like to make it easy and create my own wishlist to help my friends and fam out!  I ALWAYS try to keep it under $50 with one or two items that would be a $plurge.

This year I’m teaming up with Amazon for all of my gift ideas, which are actually just my personal gift wishlist!

This years theme is definitely all about a little luxury–oh and OF COURSE, everything GOLD….. Continue reading

Wednesday Wishlist: Marble Sunglasses

Marble Sunglasses


Happy Mid-week!
I have been lusting after a pair of marbled sunglasses for so long–since March to be specific!  I love marbled EVERYTHING.  Why? Who freaking knows where this obsession comes from.  All I know is that it is alive and well.
I typically keep things simple and have just two pairs of sunglasses.  Over-sized black and gold tinted aviators. Recently I have really wanted to expand my eyewear and I think a pair of these bad boys are a great place to start!
Out of all the ones listed, I think I like these from Torrid the most.  Can’t wait to check those off my list.  Which are your fav??
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Wednesday Wishlist: Tassle Earrings

tassle earring collage under 40

Hey Gals!

Happy Wednesday 🙂  I am OBSESSED with the tassle earring trend and am dying to own a pair.  I love a piece of statement jewelry and these babies sure do make a statement.  I love that you can wear them dressy or casual.  I have already planned matches for them with various pieces of wardrobe and can’t wait to buy some.  I am being good until pay day, so for now they are on my wishlist!  Best part?  They are all under $40!

.01 Artemis Tassle Drop, Baublebar $34

.02 Acid Tassle Drops Pink/Antique Gold, Baublebar $32 $16

.03 Pinata Tassel Drops-Yellow, Baublebar $36

.04 Hera Tassle Drop Earrings, Nordstrom $34

.05 Powder Pink Tassle Earrings, H&M $12.99

.06 Vanessa Mooney Astrid Knotted Tassle, Zappos $40

Let me know if you find others you think I may like!


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