4 Ways to Wear (Pink) Jeggings: Spring Edition

Hello Pink Ladies ❤

Let’s talk about colored jeggings.  First, you are NOT too fat to wear them.  I hear this almost on a daily basis and it DRIVES ME NUTSSSSSS.

Now that we’ve gotten that over with, don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe!

There are many types of colored jeggings I really want this season, but of course I opted for pink because that is my current mood.

I know branching out is sometime scary, but if you dare to grow or have already taken the steps to purchasing colored jeggings, I am here to support you!  This post is a bit of guidance on how to wear PINK jeggings, but the over all “rules” apply to all colored jeggings.

Lets begin!


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4 Gold Skirt Holiday Outfits

Hey there!

How’s it goin’? I hope you are feeling merry&bright throughout this holiday season.  Today we are going to add some sparkle to your life and talk about one of my favorite recent purchases.  GOLD SKIRT.

I “thrifted” this skirt at My Bestfriends Closet back in October and LUUUUHV it.  I couldn’t wait for the holidays to be in full swing so I could start styling some outfits.  This skirt  automatically dresses up any outfit and just feels very holiday.  Better yet, I spent like $10 on it!

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Holiday Gift Guide & Personal Wishlist: Under $50 (With One SPLURGE!)

holiday-gift-guide-2016Hello Ladies,

‘Tis time to talk about something very important…..GIFT GIFT GIFTS!!

This time of year can be oh-so stressful and thinking of gift ideas, even for someone you know VERY well, can drive you mad.  I like to make it easy and create my own wishlist to help my friends and fam out!  I ALWAYS try to keep it under $50 with one or two items that would be a $plurge.

This year I’m teaming up with Amazon for all of my gift ideas, which are actually just my personal gift wishlist!

This years theme is definitely all about a little luxury–oh and OF COURSE, everything GOLD….. Continue reading