My New Years Resolutions & An Important Message


How was your first week in the New Year? Feeling good about 2017?   I’ve had my doubts throughout the week, but then “the universe” presented some things that show signs of a promising year.

It’s taken me a week to really settle in and marry my resolutions, but I feel very comfortable with them and am ready to share!  Be prepared, as this post is heavy on words and trim and photos (Who am I?!)  However, I love being able to get a bit more personal with you and share the things I would like to work on in life.  I hope you find my resolutions relatable and inspiring…

My New Years Resolutions

Note: Blogged while listening to 90’s Hip Hop (highly recommended)

  1. Be more present/ Listen more

This past year was struggle city for me.  Nothing horrible happened, but I was in my head a lot.  There were always so many thoughts running through my mind.  Dreams of the future, stresses of the present, moving, trying to keep up with myself…I consider myself a very self-aware person, but as I look back on 2016 I realize when it came to spending time with the ones I care about I was always in La-La Land.  I was physically present, but not always 100% all there.  I was always straddling the line between present with others and my own personal thoughts.  No wonder I always feel like life is a blur!

I could easily give the excuse that there was just a lot going on, but everyone has a lot going on.  Point blank.

This year I would like to practice the art of listening.  I have always had word vomit and always have something to share and gab about.  But this year, I’d simply like to listen.

2. Network/Build new relationships/Establish deeper connections/Nurture current relationships

This resolution follows suit with the former.  Being in a new city,  I need to take the steps to branch out and network with others in my area.  Josh and I have friends, but haven’t stepped out of our comfort zone to develop and build newer relationships. I am guilty of sulking and quite frankly BITCHING about how I miss my deep connections in D.C. yet

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Wednesday Wishlist: Lip Service

Lip Service


Happy Hump Day!
Sorry I have been MIA for a week.  Still getting adjusted to my move and figuring life out!  That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about fashion though.  This week’s wishlist is all about the lips.
I have seen a few style bloggers wearing lip print tops on Instagram, and the other weekend I went to my first club here in Denver and saw a dude wearing a lip print button down.  It was SO adorable.  So I have decided, that I too would like to own a lip print top.
I went on over to (my fav fashion search engine) to find some cool lip printed tops and these were my top picks!
Out of them all I think my favorite is this top with the eye lashes.  I mean is it not ADORABLE?
Which is you fav?  What’s on your wishlist?!
Can’t wait to hopefully get my paws on one of these tops and share how I styled it with you!

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Motivation Monday: Perseverance


Happy Monday!

The beginning of a brand new week always feels so great doesn’t it? For me, it often feels like a fresh start.  A chance to set new goals and create a plan towards achieving them.  There are certain weeks however, that I have a mental wall and feel like everything SUCKS and I just want to give up on my goals.

Luckily I usually snap out of that negative mindset pretty quickly, but it’s typically with the help of something motivational to inspire me.

I want this blog to be that for you.

Yes, sharing my personal style with you is fun, but this blog was intended to serve a bigger purpose.  I want my readers to feel like I get them and I want to guide them through the rough stuff.  I mean really, we are in this journey together.  That being said, I plan to share a slice of motivation with you every week.

This week’s focus is on PERSEVERANCE.  As I mentioned earlier, sometimes I just feel like giving up on my goals and then I go searching for some inspo and I ALWAYS find some amazeball quotes that get me back on the grind.  Below are the quotes that will be swimming in my head for the week and keeping me motivated.  I hope they motivate you too!





Keep it Golden,


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