Instagram Roundup: Bohemian Americana Rebel Romance

ig_roundup_july_2017_banner_ THGGHappy Friday Ladies!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far.  I’m excited to share this post with you and introduce a bit of a different approach to it’s structure.

I really want to give you all a chance to get into my brain when it comes to my styling process.  I will discuss a bit like my “apple tips” but more geared towards discussing how I have taken my pieces to make them work for MY body and style.  In turn, inspiring you to figure out how your outfit pieces will work best for YOUR body and style.

Let’s face it.  No one has the same body and even if you are here for apple shaped outfit inspiration, chance are there are differences between our bodies and how they should be styled.  I want to EMPOWER you to strategically think about how you are dressing yourself.

Not everyone can just throw on a piece and look put together.  I personally have to REALLY think about my entire outfit.  Especially when using on-trend pieces because they are typically NOT geared towards apple shaped bodies.

More fun new features: I’ve named my outfits and given them “moods” !  That is literally how I decide what I’m going to wear.  What mood/vibe am I trying to portray? How am I feeling? I think you’ll find them enjoyable and it will make sense!

I’ve also added product widgets for you to shop my looks.  Note: Nothing I link is the EXACT piece I’m wearing.  Most things I purchase are either on sale or thrifted therefore I can’t find them online to link to….So I do my best to link items super similar!!

Got it? Good. Let’s do this!!

. . .


// Vintage Classic Rebel Romance //


Comfortable and casual + Ultra rebel fem.


KNOT THAT TEE |I am not a huge fan of tees on my body because they tend to lay in a way that accentuates my stomach. HOWEVER, I have found that knotting them in certain areas helps ruche the shirt and distract from my mid section.  PLUS it shortens the shirt for this particular outfit so you can see the layers.

ADD A FEMININE LAYER | If you haven’t noticed, I am pretty in love with lace layering tanks.  Adding this layer adds that perfect feminine touch without making this outfit overtly “girly”.

DISTRESSED IS BEST | These jeans have got to be the best pair I have ever owned.  I get so many compliments on them and they are so freakin’ comfortable.  They really help pull this outfit together for that grungy/rebel/relaxed look. 
Vintage_classic_widget. . .


// Black&White&Boho //


Classy Bohemian + Adultin’ but still vibin’


MAKE A STATEMENT | The pieces that really pull this outfit together are my accessories.  Instead of layering with multiple necklaces I chose a simple yet “boho” style necklace.  I ALWAYS get so many compliments on this necklace!  Adding bracelets and a statement shoe complete this look.

LAYER TO LENGTHEN | The shape of the kimono cardigan is not very flattering for my figure.  SO, I added a lace layering tank underneath to lengthen the look.  It still looks a little funky with the kimono open so I decided to safety pin it shut in the front.  This also camouflages my tummy fat.  I love a good DIY alteration!shop_this_look_THGG
. . .

It's always wine oclock

// Rise & Shine, Wine & Grind //


Casual Wino + Cool girl swag


TUCK IT |So, here we have an alternative to the tee knot I am so fond of.  If a tee is loose enough and just long enough, I can get away with doing a subtle front tuck!  This is another great way to hide some of my belly.  HOWEVER, the type of jean is integral.  Doing a front tuck into a jean that accentuates my lower belly fat is a NO-NO.

PULL IT TOGETHER |I took this look from super casual by layering some simple necklaces.  This is a super easy step to take this look to the next level and show effort without looking like I tried hard!

KEEP IT CHILL| A darker wash jean and cute flat could actually dress this look up a bit, however I think it is best served chill with a pair of distressed denim and sandals.  I love the laid back vibe!shop_this_look_THGGwine and grind_widget_THGG. . .


// Sin City, LBD //


Effortless chic by day + Casual ready to party by night


MINIMALIZE |I brought this dress on a trip to Las Vegas and literally wore it everyday!  It can easily go from day to night and needed very minimal accessories.  Perfect for vacation but also just an easy go-to LBD.

KNOT IT | This dress flares out a bit at the bottom and due to my short stature it definitely made me look heavier and shorter as-is.  HOWEVER, I tied a knot at the bottom to create a bit more structure and show some leg to combat looking frumpy!

SHOES MAKE THE LOOK | Most women already subscribe to this type of thinking….SHOES ARE EVERYTHING.  The reason this dress is so easy to style is because all it needs are a certain type of shoe to create the look you are going for. I wore sandals throughout the day for a casual look. You could also do cute tennis shoes.  Then at night throw on the heels or strappy espadrilles and you have an evening look!shop_this_look_THGG

sincity_LBD_Widget_THGG. . .



// American Woman //


Patriotic cosplay + Feminine Americana


 COPY CAT |If you’re like me, you love to dress up for holidays the whole week before! OR maybe you have multiple events to attend and want to wear the same outfit, but don’t want to risk it.  I have this dress in two colors so I literally wore the same outfit twice for July 4th weekend.  It just looked different because yes, they were two different dresses, but the EFFORT of styling a whole new outfit was thrown out the window!  Note:  When you find a dress that fits perfectly…..BUY EVERY COLOR.  You won’t regret it.

KEEP IT THEMATIC | There is a fine line between looking thematic and looking like you are going to a cosplay convention or themed bar crawl.  As I’ve gotten older I still enjoy looking festive but try to keep it classy!  This outfit could easily have looked like a costume had I chose different jewelry but I tried to be very mindful about my selection.shop_this_look_THGG

american woman_widget_THGG. . .


// Made in America, Army Strong //


‘Murica Beauty + Weekend Warrior


HERE COMES THE KNOT AGAIN |Admittedly this tank is not the most flattering on me, but I just had to have it because I love it so much.  The color, font, saying, detail on the side.  EVERYTHING speaks to me.  So I kept trying to figure out ways to make it look good on, and sure enough ol’ faithful came to the rescue!  I decided to knot it directly in the front BECAUSSSSSE it actually helped to accentuate the fun criss cross detail on the side.  Luckily, this shirt is long so by accentuating the detail on the side it actually made me look like a had a bit more hip….which for us apple shaped girls is a PLUS PLUS  + +

SUBTLE THEMES | Adding the army camo jeggings to this outfit made a bit of a subtle political statement which I love! Made in the USA vs US ARMY…..creating themes to my outfits always makes them more inspiring and fun to wear!  I was also trying to recognize the people who fought/fight to make/keep this country FREE ❤

LIP TIP | The finishing touch to pull this look together was adding a red lip!  It makes the outfit more feminine and festive.shop_this_look_THGG
made in usa_widget_THGG
. . .




Bohemian Fem + Native Americana


ACCESSORIES MATTER | I absolutely adore this look! The accessories are what REALLY tie everything together and give it that BOHO feel.  I was lucky to have found this top and necklace at Goodwill the week before the 4th (I was looking  for a red shirt as I don’t own very much red) and they just so happen to go together nicely!  The necklace really inspired the entire look.

WHEN THE LAYERING IS EVERYTHING | As I was so inspired, I kept trying on things to make this outfit work and of course my cream lace layering tank helped create my vision (as it does with most outfits)!  Without this layer the outfit would not be the same.

CHOOSING COLORS, KEEPING THEMES | This outfit was intended to be worn the week of July 4th so I was very careful about my color choices.  To keep the red, white, and blue theme I simply transitioned those colors over to “like” colors in different tones! Transitioned the red to orange-red, white to cream/off-white, and blue to turquoise.  This was an experiment that worked and I love this outfit thematically and in general 🙂shop_this_look_THGG


Fin! I hope you enjoyed this little roundup and it inspired you to really think about the pieces you put together.  Have a wonderful, easy, and safe weekend!  Hit my up below with any questions you may have 🙂

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Instagram Roundup: Spring 01

Hello Darlings!

Welcome back

I love doing these roundups because they are a recap of my outfits, but also a behind-the-scenes look at why I style them I way that I do.

I hope you find this break down helpful and don’t forget to click the “Shop The Look” button to get your own version of my stylings! Continue reading

Black&White&Red&Stripe: IG Round-UP

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


01// Striped Long Sleeve Tee from TARGET | Similar HERE and  HERE

.02// Black Chiffon High-low Skirt (THRIFTED) | SIMILAR HERE and HERE, in PLUS HERE

.03//  Jen Western Style Heeled Ankle Bootie in Black by Maurices

Apple Tip :  Tying this shirt at my natural waist helped to define it and also showed just the right amount of belly skin!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


01// Art Nouveau Scarf by Printed Village

.02// Cold Shoulder Top, Target

.03// Distressed Sangria Jeans from Ross/ Similar HERE and HERE, in PLUS size HERE

.04//  Jen Western Style Heeled Ankle Bootie in Black by Maurices

Apple Tip :  This loose top with these fitted jeggings was flattering, but by adding the scarf I felt a little more comfortable and it helped to hide any peaking out muffin top!



01// 24/7 White Tee with Pocket by Maurices

02.// Black and White Kimono from TARGET | Similar HERE

.03// Distressed Black Jegging by Maurices | PLUS size HERE

.04//  Jen Western Style Heeled Ankle Bootie in Black by Maurices

05.// Choker from Midnight Rambler Boutique | Similar HERE and HERE

Apple Tip :  I never feel comfortable JUST rockin’ a plain white tee.  Adding a kimono to this outfit made me feel more comfortable and hide any tummy rolls that were accentuated by the thin white material.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


01// Santa Barbara Tank by Maurices | Similar HERE and HERE

.02// Burnout Vest with Braided Trim by Maurices

.03// High-rise Jegging Medium Wash by Target

04.// Kady Pointed Lace Up Ballet Flats in Cognac by Target

Apple Tip :  Same rules here apply as above, I don’t feel as comfortable wearing this tank solo, but adding this vest helps to conceal any tummy flaws I am feeling while still allowing my arms to breath and expose some arm!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


.01// Striped Mock Neck Tank from Target| PLUS size HERE

.02// Blackburn Fedora in Honey by Bailey Hat Co.

.03// Distressed Black Jegging by Maurices | PLUS size HERE

.04//  Jen Western Style Heeled Ankle Bootie in Black by Maurices

Apple Tip :  This look is super easy and chic.  These jeans a bit tight on me around the tummy, but this loose and flowy top really helped to conceal my tummy, even though they are stripes!

Happy Tuesday!

How have you been?  Hope you enjoyed these transitional outfits!  I can’t decide which of these is my favorite.  I am pretty sweet on the outfit with the Art Nouvea scarf.  I love the distressed sangria jeans and cannot WAIT to start wearing scarves on the regular.  Yay Fall!

I think it’d time I purchase some more boots yea?  Seriously been wearing these black ankle booties way too much.  I am in the market for some beautiful thigh high boots this year.  Fashion gods PLEASE deliver!

Anything new on your Fall wishlist?  Let me know!

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Stay Girl Bossy and Saucy,




Late-Summer Instagram Round-Up



01// Water Color Dress by H&M | Similar  HERE and HERE| Similar in PLUS HERE

.02// Black Cardigan by H&M | Similar HERE and Here, PLUS size HERE

.03// Faux Suede Boots in Gray by Maurices

Apple Tip :  Being apple shaped I love to show off my legs, but this dress is just too short for day-time wear.  Quick fix?  Tie a cardigan around the waist to give booty coverage and some coverage in the front!  Nobody is tryin’ ta pull a Britney when they leave their car ha ha  ADDED BONUS: Tying the cardigan at the smallest part of the waist helps to define it!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


.01// Jumpsuit from Marshalls | Similar HERE and HERE, PLUS size HERE

.02// Turquoise Pendant Necklace by Charming Charlie | Similar HERE by Kendra Scott

.03// Black Wedges by Blowfish

Apple Tip :  Pulling off a jumpsuit or romper is always pretty challenging for me.  I loved the shape of this romper and purchased it a bit over sized.  I then altered it in the back to be tighter from my natural waist up to create the illusion that I was smaller on top.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


.01// Striped Mock Neck Tank from Target| PLUS size HERE

.02// Keyhole Leggings from Target (Available in PLUS)

.03// Peep Toe Bootie in Brown by Maurices

.04// Faux Leather Backpack in Grey by Target

.05// Faux Fur Pom Pom Key chain in Grey by Target

Apple Tip :  This is one of my most comfortable and flattering outfits!  As an apple, you know that jeans kind of suck but leggings are EVERYTHING.  Wearing them as pants contours the legs and doesn’t get all loose in the booty area.  The length of this turtle neck helps to lengthen the torso, and ALSO covers the bum.  The bootie has some heel which also lengthens the leg (our best asset).  I tied this cardigan around my waist to accentuate it as well as to complete the casual vibe I was going for.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


.01// Studded Collar Dress from Kohl’s |Similar HERE, PLUS size HERE

.02// Micki Pointed Toe Ballet Flats in Multi-colored by Target

.03// Faux Chanel Cross Body Purse (Thrifted)

Apple Tip :  This outfit is a perfect way to look and feel rock star chic.  The dress cinches at the natural waist and is black, causing a slimming affect.  The studded collar brings attention up to the neck and away from the belly.  The exposed legs also bring attention down, where you can shoe off these killer shoes!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


.01// Lace and Embroidered Mesh High Neck Tank by Maurices | PLUS size HERE

.02// DemiFlex Jeggings by Maurices | PLUS size HERE

.03// Kady Pointed Lace Up Ballet Flats in Cognac by Target

Apple Tip :  The star of this outfit is the top.  I know most apples wont like showing off their arms, but this baby doll top is empire cut and hits right where it needs to.  I went up a size in this to create more of a flowy and comfortable fit.  For those of you that are arm-conscious, throw a fitted blazer or adorable cardigan over this top!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


.01// “Sundaze” Graphic Tee by Maurices | Similar HERE and HERE

.02// Neon Pink Bib Tassel Necklace by Charming Charlie | Similar HERE

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


.01// Floral Kimono by On The Road | Available HERE | Similar HERE (Fits PLUS!)

.02// Jumpsuit from Marshalls | Similar HERE and HERE| Similar in PLUS HERE

.03//Peep Toe Bootie in Brown by Maurices

Apple Tip :  I  feel very LA and cool when I wear this outfit.  This is a great transitional outfit!  The jumpsuit is black and sliming, but for me I feel a bit too exposed wearing it solo during the day.  Adding this kimono hides any lumps and bumps and also covers the arms.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


.01// Cold Shoulder Dress by Target

.02// Black Wedges by Blowfish

.03//Zia Leather Leaf Earrings in Silver by Raven and Lily

04.// Bohemian Pendant Necklace by Maurices | Similar HERE

Apple Tip : I’ve shared this look before in a casual style and here it is dressed up.  This dress is awesome at hiding the tummy and is super comfortable.  The cold shoulder design is a great way to show off a little arm without exposing all the trouble areas!  This dress follows my apple tip of drawing the eye up to shoulder and down to legs, distracting away from the tummy area.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


.01// Mock Neck Tank in Black by Target | Plus size HERE

.02// High-Rise Jegging by Target | Similar in PLUS HERE

.03// Jen Western Style Heeled Ankle Bootie in Black by Maurices

04.// Rope Necklace (Thrifted)

Apple Tip : This tank is the same as the striped one at the beginning of this post.  I love it so much I bought two!  Again, the length of this turtle neck helps to lengthen the torso and ALSO covers the bum. This outfit is so simple and very flattering.  The booties help to lengthen the leg and the color and distress of these jeans help to draw the eye down.  Always wear a lighter wash jean with a dark top if you want to look smaller on top!

Happy Monday!

Can you believe we are approaching the end of August already?  WHERE DOES TIME GO?  I am trying super hard to balance life right now and get it together in time for Fall.  Not to add any stress to your life, but have you realized ALL the holidays are coming up soon?  I’m freaking out!

I suppose we can discuss that later, and for now stay focused on my FAVORITE part of Fall—THE FASHION!

I am super duper excited for fall fashion but kind of sad that summer fashion is slowly fading out.  I feel like I didn’t get to explore enough of the fashion trends this Summer that I really loved.  There were a few things I did explore however, like cold shoulder and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses as well as the mock neck tank!

The outfits in this post represent my end-of-summer style.  I am totally appreciating the love on Instagram I have been receiving and I feel like my “page” is finally coming together aesthetically. If you’re not following me, PLEASE do at @thehoneygoldguru !

Have you noticed something different about this post?  I’ve added links to PLUS size!  I really do want this blog to help all apple-shaped women, and I realized that I have been excluding the larger apple in my links to items.  APOLOGIES!

I hope the detailed “Apple Tip’s” I’ve included have been helpful.  I am always down for suggestions.  Please let me know of any other ways I can be helpful.

What Fall trends are YOU the most looking forward to?? Any trends you’d love to see me style?  Leave a comment!

Keep It Golden,


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