don’t you forget about me….& a dark floral outfit

Hello Beauties!!

Remember me?  Apologies for being M.I.A these past two months.   I unintentionally took a siesta from blogging.

The catalyst?  Going on vacation.

My boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas in May and it was THE most relaxing trip.  I made sure to keep you all posted on Instagram stories but failed to write a blog post or even take many outfit photos.  I literally just tried to live in the moment and relax. Sans the social media buzz.

Not gonna lie, it felt pretty amazing not to feel this self-induced pressure to post content.

In fact, it felt so amazing that I legit just……stopped.  I knew I would return to you all eventually, I just tried not to put a time stamp on my current state of happiness.  I wanted no pressure or deadlines to fulfill.

I have just been doing things as they feel right.  So here I am!  Ready to dive back in 🙂  Hope you missed me!

Let’s just jump right into one of my newest favorite tops and how I paired it with a black satin maxi dress…..

Floral Chiffon and Maxifloral chiffon and maxi_2

Apple Tip :  This dress has thin straps and I don’t love how my arms look in it.  Throwing this blouse over it helped to cover my arms and then tying the blouse at my natural waist helped give the look more structure so it didn’t look like I was just wearing a bag.  Additionally, I tied the bottom side of the dress to also help give it more shape!

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I think this look is very sophisticated yet fun!

Ideas of where to wear include:

  • Brunch
  • Baby shower
  • Vacation cruise
  • Casual dinner party

I’m so glad to be back ladies! Can’t wait to share more outfits with you ❤  As always if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out!


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Coachella Outfits 2017 | Weekend 2

Hey Gals!

Hope you enjoyed my last post on Coachella outfit ideas for weekend 1.  I have put together three MORE outfits for you that I would wear if I were going to Coachella this second weekend.

This time I tried to ad a bit more color and whimsy.  Enjoy!

O U T F I T  NO.1





Apple Tip :  Loose fitting shorts with an elastic waist are ideal!  They wont squeeze the waist and cause a muffin top.  Pairing with a loose fitting top with a bit of structure helps to create a waist.  Be careful not to have too loose of a top with no structure, as it will probably end up making you look sloppy.


Empire Tank: I love the combo of this top and these shorts.  I feel like the structure and pattern of this top scream “WEAR ME TO A FESTIVAL!”  Added plus- The kerchief hem ads a bit of whimsy.

Pom-Pom Shorts: I purchased these on sale last year when this whole fad was in.  Originally it was meant to be paired with a matching crop top but….yea no.  I think pairing it with a whimsical top is a great alternative to still get that cool hippy/festival vibe.

Tom Shoes:  These shoes top off the comfy factor of this outfit.  As mentioned in my previous post, sandals would be cute but I’m at an age where I try to find a balance between cute and comfy and these animal print Toms straddle that line!

Jewelry: The jewelry is what makes this outfit in my opinion!  The vibrant colors compliment the shorts and make this entire look super bright and fun.

O U T F I T NO.2






Apple Tip :  We too can show some belly skin!  Wearing a sheer tank with a cute bralette is a great alternative to legit showing your stomach off.  The keys are to get the right shape and style, the right amount of sheer, and wear the appropriate undergarment and bottom.  When they all compliment each other, they create a great illusion of a smaller tummy area.


Sheer “Crochet” Top:  This is the ideal festival top in my opinion!  I have worn this to the FireFly Festival in a different way, but it is ALWAYS my go-to for any type of festival.  I decided to style it with black and white, but it looks great with basically any color and specifically when paired with turquoise jewelry.  For this outfit, I loved the contrast with the black.

Black Distressed Denim: Distressed denim just adds character to any outfit in my opinion!  Additionally, I know that I would probably get hot wearing jeans but when they have holes in them, that adds an opportunity to let those legs breathe.

Head Chain & Lariat:  YAY!  I recently purchased this head chain and love it.  What better place to wear a head chain than to a festival?  Honestly, it makes me feel like a goddess and who doesn’t want to feel like that?  The lariat is still super on trend this year and helps to complete the festival look.

O U T F I T NO.3







Apple Tip :  I’ve shared this tip before with this skirt! Wearing a flowy skirt at your natural waist helps to define the waist and hide the not so good parts of your lower belly.  With this outfit you can either tuck in your top to add some more definition to your waist OR because this top is the right length, shape, and amount of sheer you can wear it over the skirt


Top: This top is so whimsical and fun!  Again, a great way to show my tummy without REALLY showing my tummy.  I love the details on the top and pairing it with a black bralette.  It has a gypsy chic princess vibe and that’s how I wanna feel at a festival (and life ha!) Honestly, if I could live in this outfit I would…..

High-Low Maxi Skirt: (REPEAT FROM PREVIOUS POST) I love this skirt because when I walk it trails behind me in the wind like I’m a goddess!  I also love that it’s high-low so that I can show off my legs in the front, but my tush is covered in the back.  That means I can bend over, sit, and run around without having to worry about mooning anyone.

Layered Necklaces and Long Earrings:  The top already has some embellishments, but I think adding this jewelry makes this outfit a bit more fun and completes the look.

Sandals:  OK. OK. I gave in and styled something with sandals!  Sandals really help top this look off in a way that I don’t think boots, tennis shoes, or booties could.

There ya have it ladies!!

Also, if you haven’t had a chance, check out my previous Coachella outfit ideas as well:

Coachella Outfits 2017 | Weekend 1


Styling these outfits for the past two weeks has been SO much fun.  I feel inspired to go to a festival now….maybe even COACHELLA next year!  I hope you found these outfits inspiring as well.  If you do end up re-creating any of them please share with me!

What did you where this year?  Are there any festivals that you are going to and pieces you need help styling?  Let me know!

Happy Vibin’!


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Coachella Outfits 2017 | Weekend 1

Hi Girlies!

As some of you may already know, the ever famous music festival COACHELLA is right around the corner.  The first weekend starts tomorrow to be exact!  Admittedly, I have never been nor plan to ever go to Coachella but I do enjoy the outfit opportunities it inspires.

In my experience, music festivals are always crawling with half nakey girls flaunting their flat stomachs and letting their butt cheeks fall out of their ill-fitting shorts.  That’s the style, I get it.  But for MOST of us apple-shaped gals, thats not really a reality.

I have put together three outfits for you that I would wear if I were going to Coachella this weekend with an explanation of the strategic reasoning behind each outfit!

O U T F I T  NO.1



Apple Tip :  Choose a dress that is flowy that doesn’t accentuate your mid-section.  However, something that gives you some kind of shape is a must so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a bag.  A maxi dress will be a bit hard to move around in in my opinion, so choose something a little short.  PLUS, that way you’ll be able to show off your awesome legs. Continue reading