4 Gold Skirt Holiday Outfits

Hey there!

How’s it goin’? I hope you are feeling merry&bright throughout this holiday season.  Today we are going to add some sparkle to your life and talk about one of my favorite recent purchases.  GOLD SKIRT.

I “thrifted” this skirt at My Bestfriends Closet back in October and LUUUUHV it.  I couldn’t wait for the holidays to be in full swing so I could start styling some outfits.  This skirt  automatically dresses up any outfit and just feels very holiday.  Better yet, I spent like $10 on it!

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Blogged while watching Twin Peaks, Season 2! ❤

Happy Holidays Babes!

Tis the season of ALL THINGS SHINNNY. I love, love, LOVE shiny things.  Gimme.  I also really enjoy all things themed.  I love holiday parties, the holiday spirit, holiday SPIRITS, and I love dressing for the holidays.  So of course, that has landed me here….this post is the first in a series of upcoming holiday posts for the rest of the year! (Can you believe 2016 will be over in a month?)

Today I am featuring my favorite holiday graphics from Maurices.com.  Admittedly, I’m not particularly a graphic tee kind of gal, but this season I have fallen in love with SO many from Maurices.

It was tough to choose but the following are my favorites:

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3 Ways to Wear A Black Fur Vest

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Can you believe Thanksgiving has come and gone?  This crazy year is almost at an end and I am so excited for the holidays! Despite how stressful this year has been, this holiday season has me feeling pretty cheery.  I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been making more colorful wardrobe purchases.  However, I am still in a blissful love affair with the color B L A C K.  I recently styled some new ways to wear my super fuzzy black fur vest and thought I would share them with you all. Yay BLACK FRIDAY! Continue reading