The HoneyGold Guru was originally a Denver-based personal style blog created in the summer of 2016.  As a niche blog, The HoneyGold Guru focused on inspiring and guiding the “apple-shaped” woman to have fun and get creative with fashion.  The blog was intended to encourage high self-esteem in “apple-shaped” women, but in turn inspired women of all body shapes and sizes to experiment with and develop their personal style.

Today, The HoneyGold Guru has graduated into a personal style and wardrobe consulting business serving the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Meet Your Stylist 2.jpgMEET KARISSA, aka “The HoneyGold Guru”
I am a believer that dressing your body is a spiritual act.  I believe that feeling confident in what you are wearing has a ripple effect that connects to your entire energy.  There is nothing like the  G L O W  of a confident woman!  This is why I am so passionate about personal style.

Over the years I’ve mastered the art of dressing my own body.  Like many other women, there are times where I have struggled with my personal style due to factors such as weight gain, finances, depression, and lifestyle changes.  Although there have been times of struggle,  I have never shied away from experimenting with and adjusting my style.  I’ve learned colors, shapes, and cuts that compliment my body and fit my current lifestyle.

Along this journey,  I’ve learned to help other women find their personal style too.  I even developed a passion for it!  After a career in retail for 10 years, I have met and helped so many women with their style dilemmas.  From accessorizing a simple outfit to shopping for a special event,  I have found so much joy in helping women feel confident in what they are wearing.  I earned a degree in psychology with the intent of helping people and never imagined it would end up being through fashion.

I understand that shopping isn’t easy or enjoyable for everyone.  I’ve witnessed women crying in the fitting room because nothing fits them or they feel nothing looks good on their bodies.  That BREAKS MY HEART.

Fashion is meant to be fun!  My mission is to be here to guide, support, and inspire your personal style journey in a way that makes you excited to wake up and get dressed in the mornings.  I want you to feel effortlessly gorgeous and confident on date night and adorable in your loungewear.  I want you to feel like YOU.

No more ruts, ONLY struts!

Whether you need help with organization, outfit creation, or just a shopping pal, I hope you choose to invite me along your personal style journey.