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Hello Golden Goddess!

It’s been a very VERY long time since I wrote an inspirational post that wasn’t focused solely on fashion.  Time are a changin’!

I’ve been feeling a strong pull towards a complete happiness initiative in all areas of my life.  Fashion has always been my happiness outlet but it’s important to me to ALWAYS be growing and ALWAYS be trying new things.  It should be important to you to!  Every Goddess need not be stuck in her ways, but to grow and blossom into the best Goddess she can be!


There was a period in life where I was very good at making my life “beautiful.”  I took extra effort to consider the company I kept.  I made sure I only put good, beautiful things into my body, I thought positively beautiful thoughts, and I worked a job where it was MY job to make things look beautiful.

With all of the changes going on in my life this past year, I lost my way and took a detour from all the beauty in my life.  I was forced to leave la-la land and was lunged into MAJOR ADULTING.  Not going to lie, everything was topsy-turvy and I became Alice in a new alternate universe.  Although it was so unsettling for the longest time, these past few months I have regained my desire to pursue happiness and re-build a beautiful life.

I want the rest of this post to be the post you read when you are feeling like you aren’t good enough, your life sucks, YOU suck-therefore don’t deserve happiness, and that life is just all down hill from here.



|How To Remember You’re a Goddess|

1// You are STRONG.  Think of all that you’ve been through.  Think of the WORST thing that has ever happened to you and how you made it through that time period.  Think about 2, 5, and 10 years from now.  SO much will happen between now and then.  Even at your weakest and lowest point you got through that period in your life.  Maybe you are going through it now.  Just think about what’s on the other side!  We are all tested in certain ways and for some it is way worse than others.  But we are all in our own struggles and we fight our battles everyday.  That takes STRENGTH even if just a little.

2//  You are BRAVE.  You’ve come this far and haven’t given up on life.   That’s kind of a big deal.  Yea sure, there are lots of people doing the same thing…living.  But it IS a choice and you are here!  That makes you BRAVE.  You have the courage to take anything life has thrown at you and STILL truck on.  Go YOU!

3//  You are UNIQUE.  I mean literally.  NO ONE is like you. No one has your same thoughts or your exact experiences.  You are the only thing in existence that is you!!  How amazing is that to think about?! Revel in it.

4//  You CARE.  You have expectations for yourself and the life you want to live.  If you didn’t you probably would have stopped reading this post by now.  You seek inspiration because you want to be happy in life.  This doesn’t make you selfish.  It means you want to take care of yourself which ultimately will ALSO give you the capacity to make someone else happy as well!

5//  You are FRAGILE.  Yes, you can be strong AND fragile when you are someone who feels emotion deeply.  Every Goddess needs to know empathy and compassion otherwise they will never have an impact on the world.  It’s OK to feel hurt, sad, angry, or any emotion you want.  Having no emotion would make you a sociopath NOT a Goddess!  You are fragile in the way that you feel so deeply about making sure there is justice, peace, and happiness in your life and the life of others.

|You Deserve Happiness|

Sometimes it’s really easy to fall into negative thoughts when life just isn’t going your way.  I’ve been through many periods of self-loathing where I decided that ultimately I must be a really shitty person so the universe decided I don’t deserve to be happy.  FALSE.  These are the things to keep in mind when you are feeling like that:

1// Recognize that you’ve made mistakes.  Accept your poor choices.  It may have taken one time to learn from them.  You may STILL be learning from them.  Point is, the mistakes you’ve made don’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy.  It just means that you have been given an opportunity to grow.

2// Accept responsibility for your decisions.  It makes it so much easier to regroup and then to CARRY ON. Instead of dwelling on the shoulda coulda woulda’s, I wish’s, and if- only’s it is important to LIVE IN THE NOW.  If the now is a dark place, focus on getting out of it and reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.  Channel that icky energy and turn it into something soft, light, and fluffy. THINK FORWARD.

3// CRAVE HAPPY.  Remember a moment you were happy and crave what that felt like!  That way you will pursue that happy.

4// Stop being so damn hard on yourself.  Reserve that for special cases and realize that this too shall pass and life goes on!



|My Steps to Goddess-ing|

1// Find my TRIBE. Having a support system is so incredibly important.  Even if you are an introvert, it feels amazing to have even just ONE person who you feel GETS YOU.  Being misunderstood is one of the worst feelings in my opinion.  There’s nothing that bums me out more than meaningless connections with people.  Before moving to Colorado I had such an amazing group of people in my life that I simply cannot settle for anything less.  One of my goals to re-build a beautiful life is to collect a group of amazing individuals that I have deep, meaningful connections with and just have them be my people ❤

2//  Focus on my SPACE.  I am someone who can survive in many different types of environments, however I can only THRIVE when surrounded by things I consider beautiful.  Everyone has their own idea of beauty.  For some it’s lush and lavish high-end material things.  For others it could be a a dirty graffiti infested wall in the city.  For me it is anything that inspires me and makes me want to create.  I have always loved interior design and visuals.  This coming season I want to focus on making sure I only give my time to spaces and places that inspire me and that I take extra effort to make my home a special place.

3// Create RITUALS.  I want to make the things I hate doing (ie bills, grocery shopping, and sometimes cleaning) an enjoyable experience so that they become a part of my happy.  I want to focus on how I can make these things beautiful.  Maybe light a candle and play happy tunes while paying my bills. Perhaps, stopping to get bubble tea or a latte before grocery shopping (because obviously those make me happy haha).  I just want to figure out how to alleviate the stress in my life as much as I can!

4// ONLY think POSITIVE.  I want to actively focus on only the positive.  The more I do it, the easier it will become.  I want positive thinking to become so natural that it’s sickening.

5//  Lift others UP.  There really is something to be said about making others happy.  I want to be mindful that even if I don’t particularly connect with someone doesn’t mean I should dismiss them!  I want to actively find and focus on the good things about people.  That will undoubtedly create way more friendships.

6//  Pursue HAPPINESS.  I want to become obsessed with choosing happiness over sadness, anxiety, stress, or anger.  It is ultimately my choice how I choose to perceive life.  No one can make these decisions for me or tell me how I should feel.

7//  GIVE back.  I want to be involved more with volunteering.  I think it would be a great way to build relationships as well as an outlet to escape my own life for a bit and focus on others.  Sometimes it’s good to just take a step back and direct your time and energy to helping someone else who needs it.

8//  Be INTENTIONAL.  This is the step I am the most excited about!  I want to wake up every morning and really take the time to think about how I want my day to be.  What do I want to achieve? How am I feeling?  How am I going to impact others and put something positive into the world?  I want to set my intentions and put out the energy to help them manifest!

9//  Be GRATEFUL.  I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be the root to all happiness.  I want to let go of all of the negative ways I see myself and my life and start focusing on all of the things I am so lucky to have and to be.  I think doing this step will show significant results in my happiness.

10//  Be KIND to my body.  This one is always tough!  I’m pretty sure for women everywhere of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes.  As I have gotten older I feel way less pressure to have the perfect body.  Not because I am older per se, but because I have more life experience and an understanding that my body doesn’t define me as a person and should NEVER effect someones decisions about who I am.  That being said, I go through periods where I intensely hate how I look.

I have done regrettable things to my body during these self-loathing periods. I’ve severely calorie-restricted, over exercised, fasted, binge drank, smoked, binged, and other things I’d rather keep to myself.  Each of these sad periods in my life caused the onset of these different “symptoms.”  I never want to mis-treat my body ever again.  I am so lucky to be as healthy as I am when there are so many people out there who would trade with me in a heart beat.

Admittedly, part of this motivation stems from wanting to having children one day.   If I am lucky enough to conceive I want to give my baby the best home in my body for 9 months and be around for a long long time after that throughout their life and their children’s lives.  I want to be around to witness my legacy!



Thank you for getting this far into the post.  I want to leave you with a quote that I feel really represents what I perceive a Goddess to be :

“What is a goddess?

A woman who is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels, Mind, Body and Spirit.

A woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasingly filled with peace, love, joy, passion and fun.

A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants.

A woman who is inspired to give to those around her, a sense of gratitude and abundance.”

Does this woman sound familiar?  You probably see her in the mirror everyday!  Chances are you know someone who fits this description.  Wether it’s you or someone you know, worship her and lift her up!  Let her know that she is loved and deserves all the happiness she can get ❤

Goddesses Unite!!

(Photography by Zara Ashby Photography)

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