1 Year Anniversary! | The HoneyGold Guru

Oh Happy Day!

One year ago today I re-branded my blog and wrote my first post as The HoneyGold Guru….My how time flies!!  This past year has been such a journey in personal growth.  I have learned a lot about myself and about blogging.  I am so proud that I have kept up with this blog.  I fall more and more in love with it each post.  This past year has been pretty hard for me and this blog has been one of the outlets to help me cope with the changes in my life.  It is my happy place, my baby, my creative avenue.


I want to take a moment to re-introduce the intention of this blog and reflect on what I have learned this past year.


BLOG INTENTION RECAP | The HoneyGold Guru was created to contribute to a culture and society that accepts women of ALL body types as beautiful.  This blog is focused on inspiring and guiding the APPLE-SHAPED woman to have fun and get creative with fashion.  I hope to encourage high self-esteem in apple-shaped women and positively represent this body type.  Further, each post is meant to be inclusive and inspire women of all body shapes everywhere to experiment and develop their personal style!

WHAT’S IN THE NAME | When I picked my niche I wanted to get clever with the name of my blog!  The word “Honeygold” came from the type of apple.  I feel I have mastered how to dress the apple-shaped body therefore making me a “guru”.  And so became THE HONEYGOLD GURU…..#clevagirl


HELPING OTHERS|One of the main reasons I started this blog was to be a role model and face for women who do not have the “ideal” body shape.  There has recently been a lot of body positive vibes circling the internet and I love that!  However, I feel it is always to extremes.  I want to represent and be a face for the everyday girl who has a body and lifestyle similar to mine.  I want to be empowering and not train her to dress or be like me, but to encourage her to figure out who she is.  To experiment with what she likes and what works for her body in terms of fashion.  Fashion should be fun and empowering no matter what shape you are!

COPING WITH CHANGE | Another reason this blog is so important to me is because I created it about a month after I moved across country from my friends and family.  I was very excited to move from D.C. to Denver thinking it would be the easiest transition ever.  I was wrong.  I struggled REAL hard to connect with people in Denver, the move took a HUGE toll on my financials, and I desperately missed my friends and family.  I was definitely depressed for most of the year and this blog in a sense “saved” me.  It was the one thing that I felt I actually had control of.  The one thing that helped me want stay connected with the outside world instead of alone and lost in my sad thoughts.

This blog is important to me because I have made it a space where I can be myself with no reservations or fear of judgement. It is my space and I can do whatever the hell I want!

THGG 1 year ann collage.jpg



  1. THERE WILL BE CRITICS. Not everyone is going to understand you and that’s OK.  I’ve struggled with this my entire life.  It used to really bother me and then I just accepted the fact that me and the things I like or do are not for everyone.  I don’t surround myself with unsupportive people.  Naysayers just aren’t a part of my life.  I’ve grown to never take my supporters for granted because they are so important to my success with this blog and in life.
  2. YOU NEVER KNOW WHOS WATCHING. Yes, there are fancy analytic tools where you can actually see who’s watching.  But I’m referring to those people on social media who don’t “like” all your photos but DEFINITELY creep on them and do actually enjoy them.  I personally don’t understand how hard it is to show your support and “like” something.  I have learned though, that just because someone doesn’t “show” their support to you on social media doesn’t mean they don’t see it or find you inspiring.  They just do it from a distance.                                                     Sometimes I’ve felt like giving up because no one cares, then I’ll receive the sweetest message or someone in real life tells me how much they love my Instagram and style. Someone I had NO IDEA even looked at my stuff!  You really NEVER know who your posts affect.  So just keep doin’ you!!
  3. BLOGGIN’ AIN’T EASY.  Point. Blank.  I have so much more for respect for bloggers than I ever have before.  This shit ain’t easy.  It is time consuming, mind boggling, and NOT effortless.
  4. YOU DA BOSS. When I first started blogging I really knew nothing about it and really didn’t follow that many bloggers.  I tried to mimic or write my posts similar to the style of others but never quite got it right.  I realized not too long ago that I’m the boss and my blog can be however I want it to be.  It can look how I want and the content can be what I want.  I knew this from the beginning but didn’t actually KNOW how I wanted my blog to look or “feel”.  I’ve put my boss hat on and feel more sure of the direction I want my baby to go.
  5. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. This is something I still lack on and am learning to be better at.  I’ve learned that no one is going to read my blog if I don’t put it out there!  Also, how can I expect support from others when I don’t support them?  Connecting with others is very important and something I am still trying to do more of.
  6. PREPARE TO FAIL, GET UP AND PREVAIL. There have been a countless number of times that I haven’t gotten a post out on time.  There have been lots of content opportunities that I’ve missed because I failed to stay on schedule.  I’ve struggled with thoughts of not being good at blogging and wanted to give up.  I’ve taken multiple “vacations” from blogging.  In the end I always try to remember my goals and that I need to work hard to get what I want.  Nothing good in life comes easy and it takes failing multiple times to get it right.
  7. TIME MANAGEMENT IS A BITCH. I struggle with time management so hard.  I’ve learned that if I want to make this blog super successful I need to learn to stick to a schedule.  I need to make time for it.
  8. YOU THINK YOU KNOW, BUT YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  I thought I had a pretty good idea of what the life of a blogger was like.  I realized this year that I had NO IDEA until I actually did it.  I can no longer imagine what the life of a well-known full time blogger is like.  There is much more that goes into blogging than people think.
  9. DON’T STOP BELIEVING. I have a dream and goal with this blog.  I’ve made it a year and I can’t give up now.  I’ve learned so much and I have to continue to believe in myself and the intention of this blog.  I have to keep believing in myself PERIOD.
  10. CONSISTENCY. JUST DO IT. This falls into the same line as time management.  I have learned over the past year that consistency is such an important part of being successful.  Doing things when they need to be done can make life roll so much smoother.



CONNECT |  I want to connect and collaborate more with my audience, other bloggers, and designers.

TEACH | I want to really develop a great teaching strategy on how to dress the apple-shaped body while also teaching confidence, self acceptance, and individual style.

GET TECHY WITH IT | I hope to learn more of the SEO and analytics side of blogging to help reach more of my audience.

YOUTUBE | This whole blog stemmed from this video I made three ago about how to dress an apple shaped body.  I have received SO much support on that video.  I hope to make more in the year to come.



I’d like to take a moment to thank EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON who has ever engaged with me on this blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.  Everyone who is reading this and actually visited my blogged.  Those of you who have made purchases through my affiliate links earning me a small piece of commission so I can further pursue my dream of making this blog a form of income.

Your support is what drives me and keeps me going.  It inspires me and genuinely adds happiness to my life.  This blog has become a part of who I am and your support of it in turn supports who I am as a person.  That means the world.

Thank you ❤

Special shout out to Zara from Zara Ashby Photography who took these fabulous celebratory photos of me! And to the ladies who work at Platos Closet Aurora who are always SUPER sweet to me and helped me find this awesome outfit for this photoshoot 🙂

CHEERS! to the year ahead…


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.44.13 PM


P.S. I would usually NEVER where a skin tight dress, but I really wanted to show you all my apple shape and support that you can still look fab without the “perfect curves” ❤ APPLE-SHAPED LADIES UNITE!

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