If I was shopping the NSALE | Tops Under $100


Hello Beauties,

If you follow a lot of fashion blogs you have probably already been bombarded with many posts about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  For those of you who DON’T know about the sale, it is Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year with deep discounts on brand new Fall merchandise.  Nordstrom card holders got early access to the sale.  However it is currently open to the public and goes through Sunday August 6th.

I am obviously late to the game posting about this, BUT ALSO I am not shopping the sale.

Say What? | Here’s why…..

First, admittedly Nordstrom prices are just not in my budget.  My income already doesn’t support my shopping habits as is, and I get everything CHEAP.  Not to say I skimp on quality, but I am a BARGAIN HUNTER EXTRAORDINAIRE.  I have a rule that I NEVER buy anything full price and I try to stick to $20 or less.  I have to be DIE HARD in love with something to buy it full price.  A lot of my clothes are also either thrifted or gifted (hand-me-down).  That’s why I rarely post actual links to the clothes I wear, but give you guys links to similar styles.

So why post about this sale? | You gotta give the people what they want.

If you’ve been following along with me you probably have a really good sense of my style and if I am your style guru then I want YOU to have the option of shopping the NSALE with picks that match my style.

I kept the list $100 and under because I know some of my followers are willing to pay higher prices for clothes they want but I also know there are ladies like me who are on a serious budget!

This post focuses on the tops I would purchase and my follow up posts will be bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories so stay tuned.

NOTE: Some of these items are just ON SALE in general and not particularly part of the anniversary sale.  Either way I am saving you money ❤

For now, these are my current picks :

| T O P S |


Women’s Leith Ruffle Off The Shoulder Top • Leith • $29.40

Women’s Leith Wrap Front Ruffle Tank • Leith • $32.98

Women’s Wayf Janis Wrap Top • WAYF • $41.40

Women’s Leith Satin Off The Shoulder Top • Leith • $38.90

Women’s Kut From The Kloth Tayanita Faux Suede Jacket • KUT from the Kloth • $58.90

Women’s Trouve Wrap Blouse • Trouve • $45.90


Women’s Leith Swing Halter Top • Leith • $26.98

Women’s Steve Madden Patch Cotton Anorak • Steve Madden • $79.90

Women’s Chelsea28 Crop Lace Bomber Jacket • Chelsea28 • $53.40

Women’s Soprano Lace Trim Tank • Soprano • $18.90

Women’s J.o.a. Ruffle Off The Shoulder Top • J.o.a. • $41.40

Women’s Sub_Urban Riot Gangster Nap Muscle Tee • Sub Urban Riot • $20.40


Women’s Hinge Ruffle Mesh Blouse • Hinge • $45.90

Women’s Love Token Knit Vest With Genuine Rabbit Fur Trim • $79.90

Women’s Leith Satin Ruffle Tank • Leith • $26.98

Women’s Chelsea28 Smocked Off The Shoulder Poplin Top • Chelsea28 • $50.98

Women’s Bp. Troublemaker Embroidered Denim Vest • BP • $65.40

Women’s Ivy Park Sleeveless Logo Hoodie • Ivy Park • $31.20


Women’s Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper – Usa Pullover • Wildfox Couture • $68.40

Women’s The Laundry Room And Then Brunch Sweatshirt • The Laundry Room • $58.90

Women’s Hinge Vintage Lace Top • Hinge • $58.90

Women’s Madewell Whisper Stripe Cotton Tank • Madewell • $9.99

Women’s J.o.a. Poplin Tie Front Top • J.o.a. • $38.98

Women’s Bp. Floral Embroidered Bomber • BP • $38.90

There ya have it!  Aren’t these pieces SOOOO stinking cute?  If anyone wants to be buy me any and send my way feel free. HA! If you do purchase any please show me how you style them OR message me and ask how I would.

Next up: Bottoms Under $100 so stay tuned!!


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