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Hello My Pretties!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far.  Today I am sharing an outfit that I wore to a movie date night with my boyfriend last night!  I remember in my younger teen days ALWAYS dressing up super cute to go the movies.  It was a big deal back then because that’s all there really was to do as a teen other than go out to eat.

These days, all I care about is being comfortable.  Sure, I will always opt to look put together but for now my number one priority at the movies is being cozy.

And so this outfit was born…..



Date Night Casual + Tropical Summer Vacay


LOOSEN UP | If you looked underneath my shirt there is a whole mess hidden!  Luckily for me it is hidden because this shirt is so loose and flowy.  What kind of mess? Well, my shorts are too big so they are rolled once and admittedly they are not the most flattering. In general, soft shorts seems to accentuate my belly fat but with a top cut just right.  No one has to know.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO POP | The connection that makes this outfit work is the matching of my earrings and shorts.  For anyone who LOVES to wear black sometimes branching out to bright color can be scary, but black literally goes with anything so I loved pairing black with these shorts and adding fun earrings as my accessory color pop.  The earrings really helped complete the look.

CAME HERE TO CARDI | I personally don’t like how thin-strapped tanks look on me so I went for a thin cardigan to cover my arms.  I also love how long it is because it covers my booty in the shorts.  Additionally, I always get cold in the movies so something comfortable and slightly warm was a must to finish the look!shop this look click memellow_yellow_widget_THGG

This outfit was super cozy and I still felt cute and like I tried!  I challenge you to find a go-to cozy date night outfit.  Would love if you shared it with me in the comments/email/or on Instagram!


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