don’t you forget about me….& a dark floral outfit

Hello Beauties!!

Remember me?  Apologies for being M.I.A these past two months.   I unintentionally took a siesta from blogging.

The catalyst?  Going on vacation.

My boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas in May and it was THE most relaxing trip.  I made sure to keep you all posted on Instagram stories but failed to write a blog post or even take many outfit photos.  I literally just tried to live in the moment and relax. Sans the social media buzz.

Not gonna lie, it felt pretty amazing not to feel this self-induced pressure to post content.

In fact, it felt so amazing that I legit just……stopped.  I knew I would return to you all eventually, I just tried not to put a time stamp on my current state of happiness.  I wanted no pressure or deadlines to fulfill.

I have just been doing things as they feel right.  So here I am!  Ready to dive back in 🙂  Hope you missed me!

Let’s just jump right into one of my newest favorite tops and how I paired it with a black satin maxi dress…..

Floral Chiffon and Maxifloral chiffon and maxi_2

Apple Tip :  This dress has thin straps and I don’t love how my arms look in it.  Throwing this blouse over it helped to cover my arms and then tying the blouse at my natural waist helped give the look more structure so it didn’t look like I was just wearing a bag.  Additionally, I tied the bottom side of the dress to also help give it more shape!

shop this look click me

I think this look is very sophisticated yet fun!

Ideas of where to wear include:

  • Brunch
  • Baby shower
  • Vacation cruise
  • Casual dinner party

I’m so glad to be back ladies! Can’t wait to share more outfits with you ❤  As always if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out!


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