Coachella Outfits 2017 | Weekend 1

Hi Girlies!

As some of you may already know, the ever famous music festival COACHELLA is right around the corner.  The first weekend starts tomorrow to be exact!  Admittedly, I have never been nor plan to ever go to Coachella but I do enjoy the outfit opportunities it inspires.

In my experience, music festivals are always crawling with half nakey girls flaunting their flat stomachs and letting their butt cheeks fall out of their ill-fitting shorts.  That’s the style, I get it.  But for MOST of us apple-shaped gals, thats not really a reality.

I have put together three outfits for you that I would wear if I were going to Coachella this weekend with an explanation of the strategic reasoning behind each outfit!

O U T F I T  NO.1



Apple Tip :  Choose a dress that is flowy that doesn’t accentuate your mid-section.  However, something that gives you some kind of shape is a must so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a bag.  A maxi dress will be a bit hard to move around in in my opinion, so choose something a little short.  PLUS, that way you’ll be able to show off your awesome legs.


(Black) Boho Fringy Dress: I would wear this outfit on DAY 1 because in my opinion it’s the cutest one out of the bunch.  The first day of the festival I would be so pumped and excited and wanting to look my best! Some added benefits to wearing a fun black boho dress include:

  1. You get to show off you legs
  2. Black is slimming
  3. Non-conforming/Let’s some breeze in
  4. Hides Sweat
  5. Sends “Free Spirit” festival vibes

Boots:  I would most likely be walking all day.  There will undoubtedly be dancing.  At some point I may need to run from stage to stage, run away from some unwanted sexual advances, or run to the bathroom….I’d do myself a favor and wear boots.  PLUS, they tend to enhance the look of my legs in a dress.

Floral Headband: Obviously flower crowns or headbands are a festival staple.  Borderline a little over done if you ask me, which is why I would opt for a head band instead of my flower crown.

Layered Necklaces:  I am a huge fan of accessories period.  I think they enhance any outfit but festivals are a definite excuse to layer on my fav jewels.

Shades: It’s gonna be sunny.  I’d like to protect my eyeballs!

O U T F I T NO.2

coachella 1.2


Apple Tip :  So, guess what?  There ARE ways to show off your stomach just a bit without risking giving the whole bakery away 🙂  One trick I do every summer is that I’ll wear this skirt at my natural waist (the smallest part of  the waist) and then tie a shirt just enough to show a slither of skin.  It makes me feel kind of sexy and like I’m semi a part of the midriff baring  crowd.  Tying the shirt at your natural waist ALSO helps to define it! 


(Vintage)Band Tee: First, I know my tee is not really a band tee.  But I love that it gives the aesthetic of one!  However, for any festival I think repping some merch of whoever you are excited to see is NEVER a bad idea.  Also, pairing the tee with a flowy skirt screams festival hippy to me.

High-Low Maxi Skirt: I love this skirt because when I walk it trails behind me in the wind like I’m a goddess!  I also love that it’s high-low so that I can show off my legs in the front, but my tush is covered in the back.  That means I can bend over, sit, and run around without having to worry about mooning anyone.

Panama Hat:  I bought this hat last Spring and am still so obsessed with it.  I think by DAY 2 of festival life, I would want to start furthering the protection of my skin.  ESPECIALLY my face.  Plus, The hat really compliments my top which helps pull the look together.  Also,  I never understood wearing a wool floppy hat (which is TOTALLY meant for winter) in the middle of a desert like most festival outfits portray.  Can someone please explain?

Booties:  I think wearing sandals as little as possible to Coachella or ANY festival is probably the best idea.  They typically don’t have enough support to be ran around in all day and I imagine so much dirt and sand would be annoying between my toes.  I opted for my most comfortable ankle booties to go with this outfit.

O U T F I T NO.3



Apple Tip : A short cold-shoulder dress shows a little skin while still covering the arms.  So this type of dress will basically accentuate the good parts (like your legs) and hide the not as good parts like your tummy and arms.


Cold-shoulder dress: READ ABOVE 🙂

Turquoise Jewelry: Adding some turquoise jewelry to your outfit is probably the easiest way to go from plain ootd to festival ootd.  It also follows along nicely with one of my Apple-Shaped Tips of drawing attention UP↑ towards chest.  When you draw attention up, it distracts from that tummy area!

There ya have it ladies.  These are the three outfits I would pack if I were venturing to Coachella this year.  Remember, when you are deciding what to wear be aware of your body and what works for YOU.  Not what the trend is or what everyone else will be wearing.

Happy Vibin’!


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