Instagram Roundup: Spring 01

Hello Darlings!

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I love doing these roundups because they are a recap of my outfits, but also a behind-the-scenes look at why I style them I way that I do.

I hope you find this break down helpful and don’t forget to click the “Shop The Look” button to get your own version of my stylings!


Apple Tip :  I have been SUPER obsessed with layering lately.  Partly because it’s spring, partly because I have collected a new batch of cute lace tanks, but mostly because I have been reminded of the power of layering.  Ladies, layering is our best friend.  I purchased this top because I loved it so and it was on sale.  However, every time I wore it I just felt like it didn’t look right.  Then I added this white lace layer and instantly felt more comfortable and that the top suited my shape.



Apple Tip :  Here is another layered piece!  This beautiful Paper Crown top was purchased almost 2 years ago.  I’ve always worn it solo, but LOVE how it looks with this pink lace tank underneath.  Layering this top has helped elongate my torso and make my waist look a bit more lean.


Apple Tip :  At first I couldn’t figure out a tip for this photo, then it hit me.  Having this lace up sweater and the floral headband follows one of my Apple-Shaped Tips of drawing attention UP↑ towards chest.  When you draw attention up, it distracts from your midsection.


Apple Tip :  I have to be honest, I have struggled with not feeling like I look larger in this sweater.  In this photo it looks decent, but IRL I always feel a bit chunky.  Adding the lace layer underneath helped to smooth out some bumps as well as “lengthen” the look which helped me to feel less chunky.  Wearing the right pair of jeggings also helped!


Apple Tip :  The mint tank underneath has a spaghetti strap which I think cuts my shoulders funky and makes my arms/shoulders look bigger.  I do however, LOVE how long it is!  Adding this cute bomber over it completes my look and helps me feel more comfortable in this top.  



Apple Tip :  T-shirts are NOT my favorite. I feel like with an apple shape, t-shirts just aren’t the most flattering UNLESS they are black.  At least on me.  The way I combat that is by trying to get my t-shirts a few sizes larger that way I can side tie them.  Additionally, I will wear some kind of layering piece to hide the cute muffin top.  In this case, I did both!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 8.41.13 PM

Additionally, make sure you check out my new “S H O P” page as well as my new “O U T F I T S”  page.  I am in the process of adding an “FAQ” page so please feel free to shoot me a message or comment with any questions you have for me 🙂

Happy Styling!


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