Metallic Gold Brushed Leggings



Happy March!

Can you believe it’s just about SPRING??  Sure doesn’t feel like it here in Denver.

So far this year I’ve been treating my wardrobe as if it were already spring. Let’s face it, I have a serious attraction to all things pink!  It is safe to say that pink has steadily been my “current mood.”  However, the other day I found myself craving a black ensemble….

So, I whipped out these gold brushed leggings that I’ve never actually worn and styled this outfit 🙂

I wanted to go for a chic look that was comfortable.  I love how the gold on the leggings stands out and happens to match my hair! (Which, admittedly was not supposed to be that color!  FYI I am transitioning hair colors and had to live with the brassy orange for a day.)

I got a crap ton of compliments on my leggings that day, so decided I should probably write a post and share with you all!


Unfortunately, these actual leggings are SOLD OUT and nowhere to be found, but I searched for some similar ones for you guys below ↓↓.


If you happen to get a pair or have any other ways YOU love to wear leggings, send me a note and let me see! Until next time……

Keep It Golden❤


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