4 Ways to Wear (Pink) Jeggings: Spring Edition

Hello Pink Ladies ❤

Let’s talk about colored jeggings.  First, you are NOT too fat to wear them.  I hear this almost on a daily basis and it DRIVES ME NUTSSSSSS.

Now that we’ve gotten that over with, don’t be afraid to add some color to your wardrobe!

There are many types of colored jeggings I really want this season, but of course I opted for pink because that is my current mood.

I know branching out is sometime scary, but if you dare to grow or have already taken the steps to purchasing colored jeggings, I am here to support you!  This post is a bit of guidance on how to wear PINK jeggings, but the over all “rules” apply to all colored jeggings.

Lets begin!



I know there are alot of people out there who despise the monochrome aesthetic.  I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!  I loooooove monochrome.  I think it creates a very clean & chic look as well as make your outfit seem a bit more expensive (based on fabric).

Whatever color jegging you purchase, you can always pair it with a top that is the same color or in the same color family.  To help break up the color simply add accessories to make it look less like a uniform.



Black and white polka dots pretty much go with most colors in my opinion.  I particularly love it paired with pink!

I opted for a black shoe to tie the whole outfit together, but you could also throw another complimentary color into the mix.  Just make sure you have a scarf, purse, or other accessory to tie it all together.

Black&White Stripes


Same rules apply here as with the polka dots! Once again, most colors go well with black and white stripes and I personally think pink is one of the best.

This one of my new favorite outfits.  I love how it looks professional and fun!  Adding blazer and heel to this outfit really took it up a notch.



One of the most common ways to wear colored jeggings are to pair them with your favorite complementary color!  In this case, green is a great option.  I also threw in a floral scarf to really amp up the spring vibe.

I found this great color swatch for you that will help with ideas for other complementary combinations.  Keep in mind that you can also use google search or Pinterest to help find ideas that match whatever color jeggings you have!


Photo via ideasbyandrea

And there you have it ladies!  This is how I am currently wearing my pink jeggings.  I hope this post has inspired you to go out and purchase ANY colored jeggings and try different ways of wearing them!

If you are having trouble with a color you already own, pop me a note in the comments section and I will help 🙂

Until next time,


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