Snow Day Glow Day

Hey there!

Today’s order of business: I’m diggin’ Denver snow!  When Josh and I first moved here I was excited at the thought of snow, but when it happened for the first time I was TERRIFIED to drive my new car.  All I could think was F*!$ snow! How many more months of this? I’m TOTALLY gonna get into an accident.  I REALLY don’t want to drive in this everyday.  Then the next time it snowed, I drove a little better and was in general more prepared.

This LAST snow I actually kind of dug it!  It was super thick and icy in the AM but at the end of my work day it had just melted and disappeared.  THAT’S MY KINDA SNOW.

And so, here I am with my new found love for Denver snow and a new favorite snow day outfit.  I LOVE winter white so took advantage of wearing it.





Apple Tip: First, don’t be afraid to wear white!  It really won’t make you look heavier when you wear it the right way.  Also, don’t be afraid to add bulk!  I know the thought of adding a puffy vest to your mid section sounds like blasphemy, but if you get the right cut and size you will just look like a a cute snow bunny!  I added this surplice sweater underneath to create some dimension and to have something looser under the vest that didn’t cling to my tummy, but still looked put together.  I would typically not suggest wearing all lighter colors together but luckily in winter layering can be (and always is IMO) a great tool to use for apple-shaped gals.

Keep It Golden❤


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