My New Years Day Outfit + My Family New Years Tradition

Happy New Year Loves!!

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe New Years Eve.  I went out to a DELICIOUS dinner with Josh and then we met up with some friends to ring in the New Year.  Nothing too crazy and wild.

New Years day was pretty freakin’ sweet.   We had brunch at The Hound (SO GOOD!!) and then got ice cream at Bonnie Brae.  We then finished off the day relaxing with moscow mules and champagne.

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And of course, the day would not have been complete without fulfilling my family tradition…..


Brace yourselves.  This tradition is going to be weird for a lot of you.

Every year since as long as I can remember, my family would always exchange  3 black eyed peas to keep in our wallets or change purses.  The “myth” is that as long as you can hold on to those peas for the year you will never go broke!

Admittedly, I’m pretty superstitious but last year I didn’t partake in the “pea giving”….Needless to say, it was not the best year for me financially.  So best believe this year I was going to make sure I got my peas!

The original origin of this tradition comes from the South where black eyed peas are considered a “lucky” food and EATING them on New Years day is thought to bring prosperity in the new year.  Of course my fam put it’s own twist on things.  Either way, I hope these peas bring me lots of prosperity this year as well as those I gave them too!

I am super excited for what this year has in store.  Here’s to 2017!

Up next: My New Years Resolutions 🙂

Keep It Golden❤


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