Day vs. Night : Lace Green Dress


Today I want to share with you one of my FAVORITE dresses and how I style it from day to night.  Truth be told, I def wear both of these ways during either day or night depending on the occasion.  I have this love affair with lace that started about a year and a half ago and this dress has been with me from the beginning…

This dress was a hand me down from my bff but I did find a couple that were similar.  THIS dress from Lulus and THIS one by Free People are the closest!

|Day |greendress_1.jpg

So during the day a pair of taller boots and a blanket scarf take this fancy little number to a more causal route. Any time I wear this dress people always ask where I’m going….but throw on a scarf and casual boots and everyone just thinks you look adorable *thumbs up emoji*

Get The Look

| Dress |Scarf |Boots|

Apple Tip: Always opt for a fit and flare or empire waist dress!  If they hit in the right place (at natural waist) then flare out from there, it will help to create a defined waist for you as well as hide your tummy.

| Night |greendress_2-0

Adding a faux fur vest to this outfit helps to dress it up a bit and a good ‘ol bling bling statement necklace ties the look together.  I opted for some heeled booties instead of regular heels, only because I wanted to keep it dressy casual.  This would be a great look if you are meeting someone for dinner or drinks and don’t need to get SUPER dressed up.

Get The Look:

| Dress | Booties | Vest | Necklace |

Apple Tip: Make sure to get be very careful about what type of vest you wear with a dress.  I always opt for shorter vests because the crop can help to create a waist.  A larger/longer vest will add to your mid section or make you look larger than you really are!

If any of you try these looks please share with me!  Comment below of tag me on INSTAGRAM (@thehoneygoldguru)

Keep it golden<3


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