4 Gold Skirt Holiday Outfits

Hey there!

How’s it goin’? I hope you are feeling merry&bright throughout this holiday season.  Today we are going to add some sparkle to your life and talk about one of my favorite recent purchases.  GOLD SKIRT.

I “thrifted” this skirt at My Bestfriends Closet back in October and LUUUUHV it.  I couldn’t wait for the holidays to be in full swing so I could start styling some outfits.  This skirt  automatically dresses up any outfit and just feels very holiday.  Better yet, I spent like $10 on it!

I found THIS skirt available at Forever21 that looks the most similar to mine!


Outfit #1: Black Turtleneck + Blazer + Tights + Shiny Necklace

Get The Look:


Apple tip: This skirt is something I would normally wear with a loose top BUT the darkness of the turtleneck helped to hide some of my tummy as well as wearing tights to suck some tummy in. Tights always cause major muffin top for me!  So I added a blazer to cover that up as well as help to create a more defined waist.  I LOVE a good blazer for that reason.


Outfit #2: Cognac Sweater + Blanket Scarf + Leg Warmers + Cognac Boots

Get The Look:

|Sweater | Scarf | Leg Warmers | Boots |SKIRT|

Apple Tip: This sweater is loose so it hides the fact that this skirt is tight in the tummy area and NOT flattering AT ALL on it own.  The blanket scarf  adds some bulk but also HIDES the mid section and larger top half so no one really knows what’s going on under there.  I opted for no tights and added leg warmers instead so that there were was no muffin top visible in the back AND because us apples have great legs so I wanted to show them off a bit! This outfit is cozy but also makes me feel kind sexy 🙂



Graphic Tee + Khaki Blazer + Statement Necklace

Get The Look:

| Tee | Blazer |Necklace|SKIRT|

Apple Tip: I am not a huge fan of t-shirts because I feel like they cling to my belly, but lately I have not been able to stop myself from buying cheeky ones!  So I combat the belly-cling with a blazer or cardigan.  When shopping for tees get them as loose as possible without it looking sloppy.


Outfit #4: Lacey Top + Black Tights + Layered Necklace

Get The Look:


Apple Tip: The looseness of the top hides the tum and the cold shoulder directs the eye up and away from our problem area.  The contrasting black tights also draw the eye down and away from belly.  A good red lip always commands attention as well!

Need more tips?  Comment below and let me know your questions.

Keep it golden❤


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