Holiday Gift Guide & Personal Wishlist: Under $50 (With One SPLURGE!)

holiday-gift-guide-2016Hello Ladies,

‘Tis time to talk about something very important…..GIFT GIFT GIFTS!!

This time of year can be oh-so stressful and thinking of gift ideas, even for someone you know VERY well, can drive you mad.  I like to make it easy and create my own wishlist to help my friends and fam out!  I ALWAYS try to keep it under $50 with one or two items that would be a $plurge.

This year I’m teaming up with Amazon for all of my gift ideas, which are actually just my personal gift wishlist!

This years theme is definitely all about a little luxury–oh and OF COURSE, everything GOLD…..


Ohuhu Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat, $22

As I get older my body gets more achy.  I don’t like random strangers touching my naked body, and my boyfriend isn’t going to give me massages on command…SO, I NEED this.  


Anker SoundCore mini Bluetooth/Wireless Speakers(Gold), $30

 I LOVE listening to music while I get ready in the morning.  I’ve tried synching my music with my apple tv, but sometimes it malfunctions which is SO irritating.  This little carry-a-long is perfect to take to my bathroom!  I also would take it to the beach or a picnic.


Sometimes I like to do photo editing on my phone and my chubby little fingers just WONT allow things to be precise.  I NEED a stylus and came upon these super adorable pens!  Coincidentally, I have also been wanting gold pens for my desk.  Boom.
*$PLURGE ALERT*: This perfume is a childhood fav.  My mother used to wear this and the scent is tied to happiness for me.  I am not one to spend almost $100 on perfume so this is def a luxury that I would LOVE to have.
In my line of work I stand ALL day.  I also enjoy wearing heels.  Enough said.

 Turkish Cotton Terry Bathrobe, $40 

Sometimes I just want to jump out of the shower and not really dry off but throw on a robe.  Most robes I’ve owned are polyester so yes, they are warm, but they are NOT absorbent I HATE the feeling of cold wet wicking on my body. BLECH!  So I’d love a super absorbent bathrobe to kick it in.


Niki Carlo 25 oz Rose Gold Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, $25

This is beautiful.  I need to drink more water. Gimme. (It also keeps coffee hot for 12 hrs!!!!!!)

rose gold headphones.png

Wireless/Bluetooth 2 in1 Headphones w/ Twist-out Speaker Stereo Headphone Headset (Rose-Gold), $40

Truth be told, I have been coveting the FRENDS rose gold headphones for quite a while now but $200+ for headphones seems crazy to me!  So I found these guys which look pretty cool!  I am always down for dupes!

champagne case.png

Case-Mate iPhone 6 / 6s Brilliance Case in Champagne, $20

I feel like if I every designed a cellphone case this would be it.  So naturally, I want.

And there ya have it folks!  My personal wish list and a gift guide for you!  I hope this helps take some strain off of your holiday brain, and feel free to buy and send me any or all of these.  HA!

Merry Shopping <3,


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