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Happy Holidays Babes!

Tis the season of ALL THINGS SHINNNY. I love, love, LOVE shiny things.  Gimme.  I also really enjoy all things themed.  I love holiday parties, the holiday spirit, holiday SPIRITS, and I love dressing for the holidays.  So of course, that has landed me here….this post is the first in a series of upcoming holiday posts for the rest of the year! (Can you believe 2016 will be over in a month?)

Today I am featuring my favorite holiday graphics from  Admittedly, I’m not particularly a graphic tee kind of gal, but this season I have fallen in love with SO many from Maurices.

It was tough to choose but the following are my favorites:



Pop Fizz Clink Sweatshirt, $32



Cocktails Tee, $20



Champagne Graphic, $32

Aren’t they all just ADORABLE?  There are a few more I would love to get like THIS and THIS, but for now I am super in love with my champagne promoting graphics.

What are some of your favorite graphics this season?? Comment below!
Keep it golden❤


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