6 Ways To Wear Shorts This Fall


Blogged while watching Black Mirror 

Hey Girlies!

I know this is only the second one, but I am loving these themed posts!  I feel such clarity and structure.  Blogging is a lot harder and time consuming than I bargained for, and having themed posts is keeping me motivated.  How are you feeling about it so far?

This week’s theme is all about fall shorts!  I’ve mentioned before that I love to find ways to maximize my closet.  I try to make all of my clothes as transitional as possible.  I bought a pair of distressed shorts off the clearance rack at Maurice’s at the end of summer, meaning I really didn’t wear shorts ALL summer.  So, I played around in my closet trying to figure out ways to wear them into fall.

RULE #1: Throw some tights on!

That is the consistent factor in all of the outfits I am sharing with you.  Tights are (in my opinion) one of the best fall accessories.  You can turn your summer dresses into fall dresses, your summer shorts into fall shorts.  Its amazeballs.

All of the outfits I’m sharing with you today are pretty casual and they can definitely be modified to your own style and color preferences.  They are just to serve as an inspiration.  And I do indeed hope they do!


Outfit #1: Sweater + Scarf + Thigh High Boots


Outfit #2: White Tee + Black Blazer + Black Booties


Outfit #3: Faux Fur Vest + Long Sleeve Tee + Thigh High Boots


Outfit #4 :Sweater + Scarf +  Lace Up Ballet Flats (Yes, there are antelopes on that scarf !)


Outfit #5:Black Leather Jacket + White Tee + Black Booties


Outfit #6: Leather Jacket + White Tee + Matching Suede Boots

There you have it!  These are just a few basic ideas that I have come up with so far.  I’m sure I will find some more ways to wear shorts this fall so stay tuned on my instagram.

Which of these outfits do you like the best?  Which would you NEVER be caught dead in?  Always down for a little feedback so don’t be a stranger!

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Keep it golden❤


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