6 Ways To Style a Khaki Blazer

6waystostylekhakiblazerBlogged while watching NEW GIRL ❤

Hey there!

It’s been a while.  I have put blogging on the back burner for a bit while still adjusting to my new life.  I have been feeling super inspired lately, but haven’t made the time to write another post.  Hopefully you follow my INSTAGRAM @thehoneygoldguru, as I have still been posting my daily outfits there for you!

During my time away, I have thought a lot about the way I want to run this blog.  The purpose of it’s existence is to help other apple shaped women with styling ideas that flatter our shape. That being said, I’d really love to have more defined blog posts instead of just my daily outfits and where to “get-the-look.”

I chose styling a khaki blazer as my first post in the series for a few reasons.  First, I believe a blazer is a great staple piece for us apples.  A fitted blazer can really help create a nice sliming shape for our tummy area.  It is also a great thing to pair with a more fitted tee because it hides our dreaded muffin top.  I was already trying to figure out ways to style my khaki blazer and felt SUPER accomplished when I found 6 different way to maximize it’s wear.  This piece is actually one of the most challenging articles of clothing I’ve ever had to style, so of course I HAD to share with you all…..


Outfit #1: Add some Cranberry


Outfit #2: Stripes + Denim


Outfit #3: Black Jumpsuit + Flats


Outfit #4: Dark Brown Boots + Cognac Sweater


Outfit #5: White tee + Animal Print


Outfit #6: Dark Stripes + Leggin’s

……I hope you have found these outfits inspiring.  Which was you fav? I would love to see any outfit ideas you have for a khaki blazer.

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