Bohemian Mountain-ing 



The week is almost DUNZO. The month is almost dunzo. The SUMMER is freakin’ DUN-ZO.

Must take advantage of the final days!  That being said, last weekend my beau and I went to the mountains for the first time!

For those of you not in the know– we have just moved from Denver in July. We made the mistake of getting rid of my car before moving here thinking it would save us money, but Denver is NOT D.C. and you def need a car here.

So for the first month and a half we have basically been confined to our apt or places that are close/uber-able or close to the light rail. Not to mention, feeling icky about bumming a ride from our new friends to go places with them.

But alas! We both got cars and last weekend was the first that we could go exploring off our own.  Josh (my beau) took us to Golden, CO and we drove through and up Lookout Mountain. HOLY BEAUTY!  It got us so excited for more mountain adventures. And camping!

We definitely weren’t dressed for mountaining but we got out and saw all of Denver from the “lookout” spot.

Of course I had him take a few shots of my outfit from the day because I felt boho mountain chic. And I’m a HAM.

Here are a few outfit shots from the trip:





.01// Jumpsuit from Marshalls | Similar HERE and HERE| Similar in PLUS HERE

02.// Black and White Kimono from TARGET | Similar HERE

.03// Sam & Libby Arianna Gladiator Sandals from Target

04.// Turqousie Tassle Necklace from Charming Charlie | Similar HERE and HERE

Apple Tip :  I  feel so comfortable every time I wear this outfit.  It is a similar take on the other kimono outfit I’ve shared in THIS post.  I think it’s safe to say this outift works for the same reasons: ” The jumpsuit is black and sliming, but for me I feel a bit too exposed wearing it solo during the day.  Adding this kimono hides any lumps and bumps and also covers the arms.”

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