Wednesday Wishlist: Lip Service

Lip Service


Happy Hump Day!
Sorry I have been MIA for a week.  Still getting adjusted to my move and figuring life out!  That doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about fashion though.  This week’s wishlist is all about the lips.
I have seen a few style bloggers wearing lip print tops on Instagram, and the other weekend I went to my first club here in Denver and saw a dude wearing a lip print button down.  It was SO adorable.  So I have decided, that I too would like to own a lip print top.
I went on over to (my fav fashion search engine) to find some cool lip printed tops and these were my top picks!
Out of them all I think my favorite is this top with the eye lashes.  I mean is it not ADORABLE?
Which is you fav?  What’s on your wishlist?!
Can’t wait to hopefully get my paws on one of these tops and share how I styled it with you!

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