Motivation Monday: Perseverance


Happy Monday!

The beginning of a brand new week always feels so great doesn’t it? For me, it often feels like a fresh start.  A chance to set new goals and create a plan towards achieving them.  There are certain weeks however, that I have a mental wall and feel like everything SUCKS and I just want to give up on my goals.

Luckily I usually snap out of that negative mindset pretty quickly, but it’s typically with the help of something motivational to inspire me.

I want this blog to be that for you.

Yes, sharing my personal style with you is fun, but this blog was intended to serve a bigger purpose.  I want my readers to feel like I get them and I want to guide them through the rough stuff.  I mean really, we are in this journey together.  That being said, I plan to share a slice of motivation with you every week.

This week’s focus is on PERSEVERANCE.  As I mentioned earlier, sometimes I just feel like giving up on my goals and then I go searching for some inspo and I ALWAYS find some amazeball quotes that get me back on the grind.  Below are the quotes that will be swimming in my head for the week and keeping me motivated.  I hope they motivate you too!





Keep it Golden,


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