SUNDAZE Instagram Round-UP

| Outfit #1 |


.01 “Sundaze”Graphic Tank by Maurices

.02 Tribal Maxi Skirt by Maurices| Similar in Other Color HERE –>Currently ON SALE

Apple Tip: Tying this tank in a knot at my natural waist helps to create a more defined waist, and is a cute way to show off your belly without REALLY showing it off

| Outfit #2 |


.01// Cold Shoulder Top by Target

.02// Alva Knit Skirt by Velvet by Graham and Spencer | Similar HERE

.03// Bohemian Pendant Necklace by Maurices| Similar HERE by SPUNKYsoul

.04// Black Gladiator Sandals by Target |Similar HERE

Apple Tip:  This skirt is super high-waisted, which is great for coverage but can accentuate the tummy.  That is why I wore a loose top with it.  Showing off the legs and a bit of skin on the shoulders directs the eyes up or down and distracts from the center tummy area aka our problem area!

| Outfit #3 |


.01// Orange Medallion Top by Target | Similar HERE by University Coop

.02// Pom Pom Shorts by Target | Similar HERE by PrettyLittleThing

.03// Kady Pointed Toe Lace Up Ballet Flat in Cognac by Target

Apple Tip: I have chosen to pull these shorts up to my natural waist as a way to show off my legs and also provide belly coverage.  This means however, that a looser fitting top must be worn.

Happy Sunday!

Or should I say “Sundaaaaaaze.”  I hope everyone has had a wonderful and productive week.  I am rounding out my first week at my new job and I love it so far!  Speaking of rounding….I am happy to share the latest Instagram round-up with you.

I am super in LOVE with my new “Sundaze” tank in Outfit #1. I usually do not buy graphic tees but this had to happen.  It is gray, it is punny, it is soft.  It was kind of a no-brainer.  Yes, I plan to wear it every Sunday.

Outfit#2 is so easy.  It is that outfit you can literally just throw on and there is no fuss.  It is casual, but with a different shoe can easily be dressed up.

Finally, Outfit #3 is FUN FUN FUN.  I am not wearing a lick of black, which is CRAZY.  The best part of the outfit to me is the integration of the color cognac with my ballet flats and side purse.  Super into it.  Oh, and pom pom shorts FTW!

In other news, I am THA-RILLED that Fall is so freaking close.  I am seeing the clothes everywhere so it is official.  What Fall trends you are looking forward to?  I have to have a sit down session and really think about what I want for my Fall wardrobe.  Yes that’s right, if you haven’t thought about it YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Keep It Golden,


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