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Harem_H&M  Blackturtleneck black glad sandal peach necklace

Hey guys,

My main goal with my clothing is to always be comfortable but still look put together. These harem pants are so freakin cozy, but I never felt like they paired right with anything. Well, today I found a match! I felt very boho with a hint of chic. I am currently SUPER in love with this sleeveless turtleneck  from Target….I almost bought all four colors but refrained and got two. Go me! (P.S. I tried to find you the link to the turtleneck , but you may just have to stop into Target).

Apple-shaped Gals:

The elastic waist of these pants are super comfortable around the tummy. I don’t know about you but I never find jeans to be super comfortable. The proportion of jeans are never cut quite right for our body type if you ask me. Harem pants are a nice option, but for ME I need to wear a loose fitting top. It can be tricky finding the right loose top that doesn’t make the entire outfit look like pajamas.  That is why I love the silhouette of this top. It is slightly fitted on top then gets looser around tummy and hips!

Hope you’re all having a lovely start to your week and I’ll see ya tomorrow Xx

Stay Girl Bossy & Saucy,


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