Mini Maurices Haul

Maurices Collage

Hi guys!  I am so excited to post my first clothing haul.  This is going to be a mini haul because I am super broke after moving.  Note: Moving across country will DRAIN your wallet–if you didn’t already know.

Anyways,  my bf and I were out and about and an adorable store caught my eye.  While he was taking care of business I told him I was gonna pop across the street to this cute store I saw.  When I entered Maurice’s  and their gorgeous blue doors I was instantly elated!  I was greeted by the sweetest woman and the entire staff was excellent at customer service.

I was SO pleased to find that there  was a SALE on their already economically priced clothing.  On top of that, I discovered that they are an all inclusive store that sells size 0-26.   Uhh-mazing!  I love a store that celebrates everyone’s size.  Why had I never heard of this place before?

I browsed the store and picked out about 25 tops from the sale section.  Admittedly shopping for  clothes was not in my budget, but I allowed myself to get two tops and then saw that there was BOGO 1/2 off on jewelry.  I am a HUGE sucker for accessories so I hopped on that train too–I couldn’t stop myself!!

So here I am sharing my discoveries with you.  I am super happy with my mini purchase!  Check it out…

Top 1


“Lace Up Tank With Weaved Fringe” // SALE $29.98 $14.99

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lace up tank with weaved fringe lace tank back

This lace up tank with weaved fringed is so something I’ve been looking for!  I have to admit–I am obsessed with Game of Thrones and when I purchase new clothing I often ask myself WWKW? (What Would Khaleesi Wear?) HA!  Not to say I would ever stray from my own personal style, but I am more likely to purchase something if it  a.) Makes me feel like a Queen b.)  Makes me feel like a goddess c.) Boho chic.  I feel this top has the makings of being styled to achieve such looks!

I LOVE braids and twists, so the strap detail on this top is everything.  I also love the new lace up chest trend that is happening right now.  Add the fact that there is fringe and that it’s the perfect boho off-white color–I’d say this was a pretty solid purchase.

Top 2


Paisley Print Halter  // SALE  $29.00 $17.40

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striped tank with patterned borders and hanky hem hank hem dress patterned tank with embro

Ah, my affinity for black and white lives on…This top immediately caught my attention for multiple reasons. 1.) B &W 2.) Long and flowy 3.) Kercheif or “Hanky” Hem 4.) Paisley Print 5.) Flower Print 6.) Tie-neck Halter 7.) Light-weight 8.) V-neck

I mean clearly it was meant for me.  I fell in love as soon as I put it on.  It is such an easy piece.  I have so many ideas of how to style it already.  Would Khaleesi wear it? Probably not, but that’s OK.  I know there is a lot going on with this pattern and I’ve been trying to buy more staple pieces, but this spoke to me and I felt great in it so couldn’t resist!  I couldn’t find this on their online store but listed some similar styles for ya.



I am a lover of all things gold, but have been in the market for some silver jewelry so this sale was the perfect opportunity to explore the silver side.  I love all jewelry, but have always had an affinity for necklaces.  I had been on the hunt for a boho silver necklace for months and nothing was ever quite right.  I was so excited when I found pretty much what I was looking for and added on some cute statement rings.  I can NEVER hold on to rings and decided that they are something I will fully never invest in, so this trio of sale rings was perfect.  And let’s face it–because these rings are cheap that means I will probably own them for a long time and never lose them…funny how that works.


Eagle Ring Trio // $14.50 (Get half off with BOGO 1/2 off Sale!)

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eagle ring trio_1 eagle ring trio_2


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silver neck trio hammered statement

There you have it folks.  I loved shopping at Maurices, love the items I purchased, and honestly this mini haul was therapeutic during this move transition.  Retail therapy is a thing.

Be on the lookout for future posts of me styling these pieces!

Stay Girl Bossy & Saucy,

BFB KRM_Signature

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