DC to Denver: Why I Moved Across Country

Hey Friends!

Sorry I have been MIA for a hot sec, but surely by the title of this post you can gather why.

For those of you out of the loop, I have made a “big” life decision to move across the country from Washington D.C. to Denver, Colorado.

GOODBYE Taxation Without Representation, HELLO Mile High City!

Wait–What? Why?

Many factors were involved in this life changing decision, but the catalyst was that my boyfriend was offered a career advancing job in Denver.

Admittedly, when I first found out this news I was SUPER ecstatic for him.  I love seeing people succeed and reach their goals.  Then I realized, oh shit that means he will move away and where does this leave us?  I will spare you the details of my thoughts and fears and fast forward to what is obvious now–that he asked me and my cat to join him on this new adventure.

Sunset view from my balcony!!!

I would love to clarify that I DID NOT move across country FOR my boyfriend.  I moved across country WITH him.

As impulsive and love struck as I once was in my teenage years/early twenties, those days are long gone and I’d like to think I would never do something JUST for love.  Considering my past experiences with moving and relationships I take that kind of decision making very serious.  I strongly believe in love and friendship, but I believe more in taking care of yourself in order to HAVE beautiful relationships.

And so, one of the many reasons I decided to embark on this journey with my beau was that I felt it was the perfect time and opportunity for my own new adventure and personal growth.

The lease to my apartment was up, I had spent two beautiful years at my job, and made the most AMAZING friends in D.C….So why would I leave all that behind?  Honestly, every time I have ever moved across or out of the country in the past was either because I was forced to (military brat over here!) or because I wanted to “escape” whatever my current situation.  This was the first time I would move away from somewhere I loved that had people I loved and knew I could and would WANT to come back.

In addition, I have major wanderlust and have learned to follow my instincts and intuition.  In which this scenario they were both screaming GO! GO! GO!

So the decision was made and Me, my boyfriend, and my cat moved to Denver.

Now, I would like to take this moment to admit that moving across country was NOT as easy as I thought it would be.  HOWEVER, we made it and we are here and we are slowly getting settled.

Stay tuned for a future post on tips for moving across country and tales of my personal experience.

Until next time ❤

Stay Girl Bossy & Saucy,

BFB KRM_Signature


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