Lizard Top: H&M, $9.99

Crickey! This top was just too cute to pass up.  Did I need it? NO. Did I have extra money to spend on it? NO.  Do I have an affinity for lizards?  NO. So owning this top makes absolutely no sense other than the fact that it simply makes me happy!  And that’s the most important part of fashion and styling is it not?  There.  How is that for justification?

What I love about it:

  • Neutral/Earthtone color scheme
  • Not Black
  • I have a reptilian necklace to match
  • Comfortable
  • Dressy fabric
  • Cheap
  • Fun & Quirky

What I DON’T love about it:

  • Not a great cut for my arms
  • The lizards look a bit demonic
  • Cheap (ly made)

Did I mention that this cost a WHOPPING $9.99?? Great for the wallet but I’m positive there are some not-so-great ethics involved in the making of this steal.  Which I feel guilty about, but also not so guilty because SISTA GOT BILLS TA PAY.

So the lesson here is that this is one of my new fav impulse buys and if you’d like it to be yours as well it is still available —-> HERE!

Stay girl bossy & saucy,

BFB KRM_Signature

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