#Gratitude30 Challenge

I recently made a decision to start the #gratitude30 challenge and I’m super excited to really reprogram my brain and actively focus on the amazing positive influences in my life. Over the past few years I’ve become a naturally positive person, but lately have been feeling unfulfilled and anxious. I always have a million thoughts and ideas running through my mind and feel overwhelmed that I don’t have 8 arms and ALL the hours to achieve my goals instantly.

I put a lot of pressure on myself and try to recognize that and chill, but in turn feel like I am not working hard enough towards my goals/dreams. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. I am always right on the boarder of being super driven and wanting to just go off the grid. And so, this challenge is an attempt at recapturing my positive outlook.

If you’re feeling the same way I do, I encourage you to do this challenge with me! You don’t have to post–you can keep it personal.  For 30 days (and hopefully forever!) we will actively focus on what we are grateful for. Write it down, think about it, MANTRA that shit 🙃

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.33.19 PMDay 1: This may sound silly to start with, but I have eternal gratitude for flowers.  They GENUINELY make me SO happy.  No matter how foul of a mood.  If I could run through a field of flowers everyday I would.  They simply remind me of how beautiful life is.

tumblr_inline_no5pnqeL9U1t16ovi_500Day 2: I am so grateful to live in a world where I can have a sick day, have friends/family, coworkers, boyfriend, and kitty cat that care about me.  Without them, I would feel so alone.  I am grateful to have a support system.

giphyDay 3: I am deeply grateful that I live in a country and culture where as a woman I can freely express myself.  This includes being able to have my own sense of style with no restrictions.

tumblr_mla8hh0ESt1rbz9cko1_500.gifDay 4:  I am grateful for rainy days.  I often find them extremely therapeutic.

BiTches-be-like-uvri4aDay 5:  I am grateful that I am at a point in life where I can post photos of myself with minimal make up, natural hair, and dressed down.  There was a point in life where I would NEVER dare leave my home without a full face of make up and looking my “best”.  Fake eye lashes, straight hair with extensions, cake on makeup, tight fitting clothes with extra cleavage.  Without those I felt hideous.  I sure as hell would not post  photos without those.  I am grateful that I have learned to love myself in a  more natural state.  Now if I get dolled up its just because I want to and I enjoy it, but don’t NEED to do it to feel beautiful.

fef7d0e958d5c74296ff1e3a23736986Day 6:  Fashionista Alert: I am grateful for shoes.  I am glad that I live in a country where most people can afford shoes.  If you know me, I HATE being barefoot and I am so grateful that I have the luxury of owning many shoes.  It’s heartbreaking to think there are people in the world where owning one pair is literally a luxury.  Count your blessings!

Screen-Shot-2014-03-26-at-11.34.39-AMDay 7: I am grateful to share a planet with plants and trees.  Couldn’t tell you their names or any fun facts, but when I see one I like I get really excited and happy.  I just simply appreciate their beauty.  I know that they are important for human life in so many ways, but I never stop to think about that.  Today I did.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetDay 8: I am grateful that I have FINALLY learned to truly embrace my natural hair. After 13 years of straightening it/using heat to style, I one day just stopped. This was SO hard to do and I felt so ugly. I felt like a poofy poodle and swore it made me look 10lbs heavier. And perhaps those things are true, but I stopped caring. The end goal was to have long flowing HEALTHY curls and I was willing to “suffer” to achieve that. Then the “suffering” went away and I never looked back! I am so happy I went natural and enjoy watching my hair transform. I can’t wait to continue to see progress and am happy I learned to accept what I was given.

tumblr_nseaanvK7U1tj0tkso1_500Day 9:  I am grateful for cloudy skies.  Sometime I just really enjoy gloomy days.

tumblr_inline_niqtl3RKMk1s6lw3tDay 10:  I am eternally grateful for all of the physical gifts I have received so far in this lifetime.  They are sometimes in the form of things I need and sometimes in the form of things I want.  Other times they are neither haha  Either way, I always appreciate them.  A gift-no matter how small the size or price- means someone took the time out of their day to find something for specifically for you.

YouTube-logo-full_colorDay 11: I am grateful for Youtube and the community of women on there sharing their wisdom with those of us challenged in the hair/beauty department.  I am always grateful to be inspired!

WearFairLogoDay 12: I am grateful that there are people and businesses in the world that are compassionate and ethical.  They prove that there are ways to make money in business while giving back as well as aiding and inspiring those less fortunate.  They provide opportunities for women (and others) that may not have had these opportunities.  I am not a big business but I hope to inspire and one day own a business with a cause.

1160Day 13: I am grateful to have a caring mother who was my idol as a child, worst enemy as a teen, and best friends as an adult.  I am so lucky to have a mother that has put up with me, supported me, and has been guiding me and my siblings through life.

dressDay 14:  I am grateful for the color black.  What?  Yes.  I know that may seem silly to some, but black is my comfort color.  In my mind it is so versatile.  I wear it when I want to feel chic, powerful, sophisticated, sexy, or simply just blend in.

13220967_10153412925997735_6779496599779136889_nDay 15:  I am SO grateful for my fur baby!  Grey cat has been my little ride or die for about 5 years now.  We have not always gotten along, and I haven’t always felt like he loved me (not I him) but we have the strongest bond and over time have developed the best relationship.  I love this little guy to death!  He is so sweet and in his own way he knows how to cheer me up when Im down and join in when I’m happy.  Glad to be his fur mom.

TO BE CONTINUED…… on my own.

I planned on creating a Part: 1 and Part: 2 of this post, but decided that some things are better left private and I have no obligation to share EVERYTHING about my life.  The other 15 things I am grateful for I shall keep for myself.  PLUS, I have to keep some mystery and intrigue between us don’t I??

However, I strongly encourage you to join this challenge and would LOVE to read what you a grateful for–if only just 15 things (ha!).

Be warned: You may find this overwhelming and cry a lot.  Thinking about how lucky you are can be emotionally exhausting!

Stay positive,

BFB KRM_Signature

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