Enter Spring.  Like Katy of the Perry variety once sang….”You’re hot, then you’re cold.  You’re yes,then you’re no.  THAT is exactly how I feel about Spring so far this year.  Here in D.C. Spring has gone off of her rocker and can’t pick a personality!  One day its “Yasssss” the next you’re reluctantly pulling out that coat you JUST put away.  But I digress.  Mother Nature does what she wants and as a fellow “boss bitch” I respect that.  And so another excuse to go shopping.  The perfect remedy for crazy climate change.

I happen to love a good ol’ kimono.  I find it to be a great transitional piece for all year long. What looks super cute with a kimono and typically doesn’t fit me? A wide-brimmed floppy hat!  I have still yet to find one and have always wanted to find the perfect Spring/Summer hat for my big noggin.  No dice.

THEN THIS HAPPENED.  I have fallen in love folks.  Who knew all I had to do was travel to the dark side to find the perfect hat. I’m talking mens hats ya’ll.  I have yet to purchase this hat as I was simply modeling it for the whimsical boutique Proper Topper. But you BEST BELIEVE it is up there on my list!



Floral Kimono: On The Road || Tank: Marshall’s (Similar) || Necklace: BL^NK (Similar)|| Hat: Proper Topper || Sunglasses: Triple Grace

And so, the moral of this story is that kimonos are a lovely transitional piece and if you have a big head like moi you should probably consider trying men’s hats.  Together you get a chill bohemian vibe and more importantly you’ll probably feel like Pharell and I think that’s a pretty HAPPY feeling (hehehe) ❤

Until next time,

BFB KRM_Signature

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