March Favorites

Howdy gals,

I am happy to introduce a new portion of the blog! I am constantly stumbling upon things I LOVE (which admittedly isn’t hard to do), and thought it would be helpful to share with YOU in hopes that you will love these things too ❤  Or maybe you’ve been looking for something on this list and I can help you discover  it!  These are my hopes for sharing.

And on that note…here are things I discovered in March that I ABSOLUTELY love!

March favs_2016_21. “Kady” Ballet Flats in Cognac, Target $25  2. Loreal Paris Advanced Haircare Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum, Target $6 3. Cocoship Retro Metallic Anchor Top Nautical Sailor High Waist Bikini, Amazon $23 4. Printed Village Cat Scarf, Proper Topper $36 5. Simply Tealicious Energy Tea, Amazon $20 6. Tocca “Cleopatra” Perfume, Blue Mercury $68

Now  that you know what the goods are and where to get them, I’d like to give you a quick dish on why I love these things!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.47.23 PM

1.) How CUTE are these shoes? I have seen this type of flat floating around Pinterest and Instagram and always thought they were so freakin adorable.  When I spotted these at Target I couldn’t resist purchasing!  Check this–they are ACTUALLY comfortable.  I’ve only worn them a few times and as far as comfort there are no complaints from me so far!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.48.48 PM

2.) As a curly girl, it is really important for me to keep my locks moisturized.  It wasn’t until about a year ago that I became comfortable with wearing my hair natural and so I had to figure out new products to use.  I discovered Moroccan oil and it works WONDERS on my hair.  I’ve tried many different types of moroccan oil and because I tend to use a pretty generous amount and I go through it quickly, I need one that won’t break the bank.  This brand is the best quality and the most affordable for my personal needs. The “lustrous oil serum” is not quite Morcoccan, but it contains chamomile, coconut, sunflower, soja, gardenia, and rose oils. Huzzah!


3.) GAHHH!  Where do I even start with this?!  This bikini is pure magic.  I have never felt so comfortable in a two piece before.  I found this brand on Amazon with a “retro bikini” search. I was pretty skeptical about the price and decided it was probably very poor quality but wanted to try it anyway.  You can tell it is simply made and I’m not sure how long it will last me, but I feel DAMN good in it and it was so affordable that I bought TWO different designs…with a third in the works.  When we love something we WANT MORE!


4.) I freakin LUHV a scarf.  Especially a printed one.  And this one has cats so….duh.  Printed Village scarves hold a special place in my heart.  I need another one like a new hole in the head, but the prints are just too darn ca-yoot. This scarf is the perfect size and weight for transitional weather and there are plenty of ways to wear it.  I also appreciate that a lot of the cats on it look evil.  Because cats are little a-holes and thats why I love dem.  5 thumbs up!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 11.48.01 PM

5.) This tea was an experiment on my part.  I was trying to decrease my coffee/sugar intake, but I still needed caffeine so I did a little research and came across this tea.  The reviews on Amazon were good so I thought I’d give it a try.  Its true!  You only need a tiny bit and you have so much energy.  I am still a coffee lover, but when I feel like my tummy needs a break from coffee this tea is my back up.  I urge you to read the reviews if you are interested in trying/buying this.  I found them very helpful!EDP_Cleopatra_300dpi6.) THIS. I had been looking for a scent that REALLY spoke to me.  I tried so many different ones and nothing seemed unique enough.  Everything started smelling the same and nothing smelled like ME (or how I wanted to smell).  Then one fine day my co-worker was wearing this DELICIOUS scent and I just could not get enough! I asked what it was and she told me she got it from Blue Mercury.  I have had Tocca perfume before, but wasn’t impressed by it.  However, I couldn’t get over the smell of Cleopatra so decided to try it.  Please read this description and tell me this doesn’t sound absolutely delicious!

“Inspired by the Mediterranean seductress, TOCCA’s Cleopatra eau de parfum captivates the senses. Fresh and sparkling grapefruit and lush greens fade into accords of sensual white jasmine and tuberose, leaving an exotic, rich dry down of warm patchouli, golden amber and rich vanilla musk. Top Notes: Bitter Grapefruit, Lush Greens, Cassis Bud Middle Notes: White Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Tuberose Bottom Notes: Warm Patchouli, Golden Amber, Rich Vanilla Musk” ……


And there you have it folks! My March favs.  I’d love to know what discoveries you had in March that you are smitten about.  Drop a line in the comments!

Until the end of April ❤

BFB KRM_Signature

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