Welcome to Miami…


Hat: Proper Topper | Bikini:CocoShip | Kimono: Target (Similar)| Sunglasses: MLC Eyewear |Wedges: Blowfish

Note: No Orange cups were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Well guys, for the first time in my life I went to the beach and felt uber comfortable with my body.  I was in South Beach surrounded by some of the most beautiful bodies I’ve ever seen in real life and felt 99% comfortable with myself (SHIT YOU NOT!!!) Further, it was the first time I wore a bikini and felt comfortable.  Granted, this is as close to a one piece as any other bikini, but it is two pieces none the less!

I felt chic, classic, and comfortable.  The three C trifecta! Goal met.  It really confirms for me that dressing your body correctly can aid in building confidence. Or perhaps I have just finally reached a point in life that I am comfortable and accept my body.  Either way, HOORAY!

Here is to many more bikini wearing days soon to come this season ❤


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